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Taking one for the team after Biden threw her and her department under the bus in the VP debate, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the role of protecting American assests around the world is hers and the buck stops with her! WOW!

Admittedly I am shocked by this. Soooo, Hillary is accepting blame for the O Team saying for over a month that a YouTube video sparked spontaneous rioting in the middle east which led to the deaths of four Americans. She furthered bailed out VP Bonehead (who claimed ignorance that additional security had been requested and denied to our Libyan Ambassador) when she stated that neither Obama or Biden would know the day-to-day security details determined by her department.

While that may be true … BUT within a day or two of the attack … the POTUS would be “brought up to speed” on the full details of what happened. A month? A month? For over a month Hillary didn’t know … O didn’t know … UN Ambassador Rice didn’t know. LOL! Are you kidding me? Truth … they were warned three days prior by Libyan officials. Truth … it was a planned attack by Islamic terrorists on the anniversary of 9-11. Truth … even Team Hillary KNEW that long before they made public comments about YouTube videos! Truth … Obama KNEW that long before he referenced and blamed our freedom of speech six times in his address to the United Nations.

Bottom line … even IF we are to believe they did not know before or as it happened it was a terrorist attack … they DID KNOW withIN 48 hours. IF NOT … all of them are incompetent and need to be fired. IF SO .. they have COVERED UP and LIED and need to be FIRED and then PROSECUTED.

Apparently the POTUS is perfectly fine with hiding behind Hillary. He loves to blame others and let others take the fall. NO, Obama … the buck doesn’t stop with Hillary – it stops with YOU!

YOU declared Islamic terrorism uprisings as an Arab Spring. YOU called the events of 9-11 which left four dead as “bumps in the road” on the way to peace. YOU said Osama was dead and Alqeda on the run. Hmmm, seems they are running all over the middle east and burning our sovereign ground abroad.  YOU want Hillary to take the blame to deflect from your FAILED foreign policy which apologizes to our enemies, emboldens those who hate us, alienates those who rely on us, and proves to be radical Islamic friendly but devoid of sound logic and American interest.

Hey Hillary … before you allow yourself to be the scape goat … do YOU really think we are going to forget?

The buck may have stopped but Team Obama’s crapola continues to fly. Good-bye, America…

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