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Well, now that the Team Obama strategy is to throw our intelligence agencies and State Department (ieHillary Clinton) under the bus and blame them for the Libya disaster and the Administrations waffling positions and stone walling … I am going to assume that neither Bill nor Hillary will feel like carrying O’s water anymore during this election campaign. Makes you wonder if Bill is even more steamed than the meeting in August 2011 when he urged Hillary to run against Obama for the nomination calling the POTUS an “amateur” which sparked a best selling book.

So now who will be a good flunkie to set out and be Obama’s lap dog. Enter: Stephanie Cutter … a wannabe player and future nothing who is being pimped out by the White House to spew talking points and outright lies.

Stephanie Cutter this week blamed Team Romney for the Libya death attack story not going away. Hmmm … maybe the reason it’s not going away is because the O Team keeps lying, covering up, changing its story, and has yet to explain to the American people what will be done to avenge the death of 4 Americans killed on 9-11 of this year. Then again … it has taken this complicit Obama administration nearly a month to admit it was a planned terrorist attack and not a spontaneous riot spurred by a YouTube video making fun of Islam.

Short on facts and long on false accusations … Steph is a political hack dream come true. A say anything – do anything idealog zealot who takes no prisoners, makes no friends, and is willing to shed any pretense of personal integrity to absolutely slaughter the character of a deemed targeted opponent or political enemy. Gee, just the kind of girl you’d want to take home to meet mom…

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