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It took less than 10 minutes into the VP debate to see something amazing … the political transformation of Archie Bunker.

Joe Biden did not cower or look like a scolded school child like his boss did a week ago in the first Presidential debate. Instead, he came out like a school yard bully. Loud, mean, disrespectful and bloviating from a position of arrogance and ignorance. His mocking laughter and interuptions was the sign of someone who has no position of strength from which to engage a discussion from so you attempt to bully down your opponent.

Bottom line … despite the liberal base getting exciting over Biden throwing punches … he came across mean and angry and unreasonable. He argued like a verbally¬†abusive husband talking down to a spouse.

He lost on substance. He lost on style. He lost on class.

The Friday DRIVE @ 5 will you the complete breakdown … 5PM AM 840 WPGS …

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