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MSNBC commentator and host of Hardball, Chris Matthews, lamented after the debate last night, “Where’ was Obama?” Well, Chris, I can answer that. He -the real Obama and not the mythical godlike idol you and the rest of the media created- was on the stage being completely exposed for the rank amatuer he is.

Bill Clinton called O an amateur in the summer of 2011 and that fact of his status was glaringly on display last night for the whole country to see.

He can slow jam with Jimmy Falon. He can handle softball questions from Jay Leno and Letterman. He can smile and joke with the gals on The View. He can study for open book test questions for 60 Minutes. What he cannot do is defend his real record and answer real questions without scripted responses. Maybe that’s why Hollywood loves this guy … actors stick together. For four years he has played the role of a President without actually doing th job. The portions of the job he did do were from his socialist ideological agenda positions which have failed. As Romney put it, “You haven’t picked winners and losers. You have picked losers.”

This what happens when Valarie Jarrett, Michelle Obama, and his handlers never allow him to answer real questions or be placed in uncomfortable situations. This what happens when the media creates a myth and then has their art project crumble before their eyes.  Like many failed leaders Obama believes his own propoganda. He believes the myths of his own record and the misrepresentations of Romney’s because he has never, ever been challenged on it until Romney took him to task point by point and handily thumped him with facts, truth, and the reality of Obama’s own failed record.

Obama is an amatuer who will no doubt come out like a screaming school girl in the next debate to prove he’s tough. Like when he threatened the CEO of BP over the Gulf spill.

Obama attempted to invoke Bill Clinton last night. Truthfully, he looked more like Bush Sr. looking at his watch during a debate with Clinton which resinated with voters as his being out of touch. Obama is out of touch. Obama is out of lies. Obama is out of time.

Does he really think 23 million PLUS unemployed people are going to give him a pass and a sympathy vote? Nancy Pelosi may think so. Hollywood may hope so BUT even the MSNBC stooges woke up to the reality of, “Oh my god … we’re in trouble!”

Never send an amatuer to do a President’s job. Maybe the next debate we can talk about something O is good at: class warfare, street organizing, or he can just slow jam.

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