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“For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard.” The Book of Acts 4:20

A couple of days ago I was having lunch with a member of our local tea party. He lamented how Obama is everywhere. The mainstream media promotes him. Conservative media loathes him. The alternate media explores him. But where’s Romney? Any coverage he gets from the mainstream media is negative. Conservative media is minimal. Alternate media is skeptical.

As I thought about his lament and my own radio show I realized how much time I spend exposing Obama and not promoting Romney. In fact, days go by I barely mention him. Rush Limbaugh said several years that candidates that get swept into office because people are mad fade quickly because the electorate doesn’t stay mad forever. His lesson was simple: Give people something to vote for and not merely against. I am beginning to think that perhaps we in the conservative media, radio, TV, and blogs are spending so much time pointing out where Obama is wrong we have failed to push how Romney is right.

So in the coming days on my DRIVE @ 5 there will be focused change taking place. Yes, we still expose Obama BUT we will do more -MUCH MORE- to promote Romney. More sound clips, more news, more promotion.

I want to encourage ALL voices in conservative media to do more in getting out Romney’s face, message, and agenda. People remember what they have been shown. Show them ROMNEY.

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