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Well, I settled in to watch the Emmy Awards on ABC Sunday night. Why? Jimmy Kimmel was awful. Not funny and predictable Pro Obama. When he asked the crowd if anyone there was going to vote for Romney he got a response which reminded me of the shock at the DNC convention when God was booed. He didn’t expect anyone to cheer. When they did … he tried to cover it with a quick “oh, forty of you” remark and then onto his scripted conservatives not welcome in Hollywood jokes.

HOMELAND, which puts the battle against terrorism on American soil, was honored as best drama serieS  and earned trophies for stars Claire Danes and Damian LewisMODERN FAMILY was best comedy series. HOMELAND stopped MAD MEN in its tracks, denying the show a record-setting fifth trophy and kept Bryan Cranston from his fourth consecutive best drama award for BREAKING BAD as well as MAD MEN star Jon Hamm.“I’m one of those pesky Brits, I apologize,” said Lewis, who plays an American in the espionage thriller. “I don’t really believe in judging art, but I thought I’d show up just in case.” Gotta love it when an actor who portrays a character bent on destroying America can crack a joke and make lite of the actual War on Terror that Team Obama denies exists.

Backstage, Danes said she particularly appreciated one fan: President Barack Obama has said he’s a fan of  HOMELAND about a Marine and former POW who’s suspected of working for al Qaeda. “No pressure,” the actress said. “It’s way cool that he is a fan. It speaks to the relevancy of the show and it’s hugely validating.” WOW … validated by a President who has no clue.

The acting trophies, along with a best writing award for the show, gave HOMELAND momentum as it headed toward the best drama award.

MODERN FAMILY made it look easy as the comedy won the best directing trophy and Eric Stonestreet and Julie Bowen claimed supporting actor awards. There was at least a minor backlash online as some questioned whether the show had a deserving season.

 Stonestreet won for his role as half of a devoted gay couple.“I wouldn’t be standing here without Jesse Tyler Ferguson, there is no Cam without Mitch,” he said, saluting his co-star. “We get the awesome opportunity to play these two characters on TV and show America and the world what a loving couple we can be just like everybody else.” Then he turned raunchy, “I never knew I’d be on TV as a gay man, but I love the pictures of hairy chests you guys are sending me, it’s really amazing. Thank you for those.”

Julianne Moore’s take on Gov. Sarah Palin in the TV movie GAME CHANGE about the 2008 presidential campaign, earned her best actress honors. “I feel so validated because Sarah Palin gave me a big thumbs down,” Moore said, beaming.

So let me recap … a TV show about terrorism (which Obama claims is his favorite on TV) wins big. Sadly, none of the winners said ANYTHING about the real terrorism still going on which resulted in 4 deaths on the anniversary of 9-11 with an attack in Libya killing our ambassador. Not a word! Just like the President … he campaigns and parties and sends out his campaign director Sunday to again say it was not a pre-planned attack. WHAT??!!?? But then again a show which earns a Best Actor award for a character who plays an American al Qaeda terrorist is “validating” because O watches it.

MODERN FAMILY depicts non traditional families as the new healthy Obama America. No surpise there. No one is watching BUT hey … it’s not about talent or quality this year. It’s about the show biz industry being in bed with the Obama ideology and his cultural degrading of our society.

…and GAME CHANGE … one more shot at conservatives and one nasty smear against Sarah Palin. Julianne Moore was patted on the back (which all any of these awards shows are -actors high five other actors) but her portrayal was a stereotype caraicature. There was no serious attempt to actual know the person she was portraying. It was a hit piece and NOT a serious piece.

The Emmy’s proved that Hollywood remains as out of touch with reality as the fairy tale President they support.

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