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Okay Florida … Team Obama had to finally admit -one week after the fact- that the Libyan assault was a TERRORIST ATTACK and not a random, spontaneous protest. So after one week of President Obama, Hillary Clinton, UN Ambassador Susan Rice, and Jay “the flunkie” Carny stating that a YouTube video triggered these events … NOW they admit, “Oooops, our bad!”

For over a week the interim Libyan President has tried to tell an unlistening mainstream American media that attacks were planned and coordinated and now we’re even learning that a GITMO detainee that the  Bush administration released in 2007 under pressure from the constant media bashing and Libtards planned these attacks .

This administration snubs Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu in the wake of terrorist attacks on US sovereign soil to party with David Letterman and a felon turned gangsta rapper, refuses to use phrases like War on Terror but accuses Republicans of a War on Women so skanks  can have free contraceptives and unlimited abortions to enable their own perverted lifestyle choices, and apologizes to our enemies for the first ammendment which allows YouTube videos. Burning the Koran is bad but flaming the Constitution to ashes is perfectly fine with Team Obama and the lap dog libtards that carry his water on cable news shows.

The mainstream media says little to nothing about this adminstration’s near treasonous mishandling of our enemies which has led to the deaths of 4 Americans on the anniversary of 9-11 but freaks out over Mitt Romney stating the obvious … people living off the government are more likely to vote for O than him. Obama fakes shock over this obvious truth and chastens Mitt that these Americans are not looking for a handout. Really? Okay … end welfare NOW! Yeah, didn’t think so.

So while the world burns as a DIRECT result of Obama’s failed foreign policies … he parties and the headlines pound Romney.

The Liar and Chief smiles and thinks, “How stupid these idiots really are.  Adolph was right .. the bigger lie and the more times you repeat it … the more people swallow it.”

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