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The polls are everywhere. Rasmussen has Romney winning battle ground states. Gallup has Obama winning battle ground states. The only state which concerns me is the one in which I reside and can have some influence on … FLORIDA!

Six Rasons Why Obama is BAD for Florida:

1. ISRAEL – His snub of Prime Minister Netanyahu, refusal to deal more effectively with Iran, inability to control the Arab state and radical Islamic terrorists in the region, and embracing of the Muslim culture which hates the Jewish state is a slap in the face to the 638, 635 Jews which reside here.

2. NASA – While the Shuttle was being phased out by NASA and the Bush administration … it was the Obama administration which cut all the funding for new programs approved by President Bush. Obama’s solution for NASA? Work on climate control studies and bring Muslim nations up to speed on space exploration. Not kidding. THAT was his plan. So tens of thousands of jobs were lost and hundreds of thousands of families, communities, businesses, and the state at large were devestated by this action. Maybe if NASA had a Union like GMC and a voting block to protect Obama may have cared about this group. After all -he’s been chiding Romney about being for ALL the people. He certainly cared nothing for the Space Coast.

3. ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION – well as California faces bankruptcy because of the all the “freebies” they must provide for illegals like education, housing, health care, and now driver’s licenses (yup) … with Cuba off our shore and Obama’s pention to extend amnesty to illegals … ask Miami how that’s working out.

4. FORECLOSURES – no state was hit harder when the housing market crashed than Florida. No state has the foreclosure rate that we have. No, we don’t need a stimulas or government bond program to buy up the realestate. We need jobs. We need a rebound for the economy.

5. SENIORS – as the retirement capitol of the US our Seniors are being devestated by Obama policies. Many retired persons live off investment income. Guess what? As a result of Obamacare your capital gains tax is going up – way up. Oh, and Obamacare will brankrupt Medicare and drive up costs on medical devices used by Senior and lessen your choices for providers, caregivers, and procedures.

6. DEBORAH WASSERMAN SHULTZ – really … she’s from here? The DNC chairperson is such an embarassment to our state with her intellectually barren comments, rants, and talking points (plain speak: she’s so stupid) she makes Joe Biden look smart.

The only bright spot to our economic recovery are the programs put into place by Governor Rick Scott. In fact, the only states doing well are either doing so because of Republican Governors or Dems like Cuomo who are fiscal conservatives.  In the coming days I will add to this list. Obama cannot be allowed to take Florida. We’re watching what a turn coat, flip flip Crist is … can you really believe a President who alligns himself with people like Charlie “not for the people” Crist?

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