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On this day in history -today- September 18, 2012 … 7 days following terrorist attacks on sovereign US soil on the anniversary of 9-11 which  resulted in 4 deaths … is the news narrative about our response or our plan to deal with this? NO.

It’s about Romney insulting 47 percent of the electorate who calim to be victims needing government support and how “SHOCKED” the Obama administration is over the fact a candidate for President is not for all the people. Like Obama is for conservative Christians with traditional values … NOT!

While the Mid East burns and more and more demonstrations and riots break out … Obama campaigns, fund raises, and LIES. Yes. lies. Team Obama is in hyper lie overdrive.

Libyan ineterim President, Mohammed el-Megarif, is on record as stating the attack in Benghazi where US Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three members of team were killed was not spontaneous but preplanned and that the US was warned by Libyan officials three days BEFORE the attack took place. O’s response … send UN Ambassador Susan Rice out over the weekend stating it was spontaneous as a result of a YouTube video mocking Islam. In fact, Authoritieshave now had the movie maker jailed (under other charges). Team Obama has been upset that google has refused to remove the video.

We have a President who apologizes for Korans being burned but could care less that the first ammendment of the Constitution is going up in flames.

Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Rush, Mark Levine, and other conservative voices beat the drum over Obama’s incompetence at handling the Middle East Islamic Terror crisis. I DISAGREE! He is not weak nor inept on this issue. He …the President of the United States … Barrack Obama is COMPLICIT!

But why? Why is this President so willingly compliant with the actions of these extreme militant Islamic zealots?

Here are a few “possibilities” or “theories” or “guesses” I have assembled:

1. ISLAMIC SYMPATHIES – He views them as anti-colonial and thus an ally in the philosophy of surpressing American imperialism. He will meet with members of the Muslim Brotherhood but not the Prime Minister of Israel.

2. ISLAMIC IDEOLOGY – Does he believe that we really are the great Satan and spreader of tyranny and torment throughout the world? Jeremiah Wright, his pastor, believes that.

3. ISLAMIC MESSIAH – Does he really believe that he alone can bring peace to the Middle East with his sheer presence and the right speech?

4. ELECTION ISSUE – No, I do not believe he planned this to happen BUT by allowing it to esculate … and with growing frustration from within the US to do something … at the right moment (Mid October) he sends in the Marines and cleans house and thus establishes himself in the minds of voters as a protector and defender of liberty?

Your guess is as good as mine but one thing is clear … the guy who was touted as getting Osama … is not taking charge of this situation. Is he weak? Is he inept and over his head? Is he complicit? You decide!


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