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The official position of the Obama Administration’s embassy staff in Cairo as our sovereignty was being breached by Islamic radical protestors:

“The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims – as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions,”

The “alleged” protest was over a Youtube film that was considered blasphemous to Muslim faith. Mitt Romney then released a statement that America should never apologize for free speech. Today, in a press conference held in Jacksonville the GOP Presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, answered questions from a leftist press corp asking him if he jumped the gun in a rush to judgment. His response was Presidential and demonstrated leadership when he said it’s never too soon to condemn terrorism. Team Obama and the mainstream media is going out of its collectives minds over Romney’s moral clarity and courage in the face of an attack on sovereign American soil. Romney acted like a President. Obama seemingly appears weak and wimpish in the face of aggression. But I think there’s more to it…

In the past twenty four hours Islamic maniacs have stormed the embassy in Cairo, burned our flag, and chanted death threats. Obama’s response? First was to apologize for offending their faith. Then nine hours later they “disavowed” the statement. Then we learn that our embassy in Libya was breached and Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three staffers were murdered. MURDERED!

Today the POTUS finally stated in a Rose Garden press conference while inept Secretary of State Hillary “Out of her league” Clinton looked on as he decried the murder BUT NEVER talked about the Islamic attack on our embassy in Cairo. ALL on the anniversary of 9/11. This was planned and Obama was either not ready OR…

As pundints explain he appears weak and wimpish I am more concerned he was WILLFUL! Yes, willful. He’s refusing to meet with Israel’s Prime Minister because he’d rather campaign than meet with a man facing a nuclear threat from Iran. Tonight O gives a 2 minute statement at a Las Vegas campaign stop and then breaks into a campaign speech for money, four more years, and adoring brainless liberals screaming to him, “I love you.” WOW … international caos and he’s FUNDRAISING!!! He refuses to defend Israel and call these terrorists what they are: MUSLIM ENEMIES OF THE UNITED STATES!

Why? Wimpish? Weak? WILLFUL! He’s a Muslim. Period. He snubs Israel because he hates Israel. He apologizes for Muslim murders because…

Listen to him lie. Islam did not lead to enlightenment … the Protestant reformation did! Islam is not about peace … immediate access to heaven (guaranteed) is to die for Allah killing infidels like US! This “President” is complicit in aiding, defending, and distorting the truth about these radical murderers hell bent on our death and destruction.

Hear the whole DRIVE @ 5 on this subject… 

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