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With the conventions over both campaigns are in full swing. Obama does not want to lose FLORIDA. Yet he has tanked NASA, insaulted the Jewish Seniors by dissing Israel, insaulted the evangelical vote by booing God at the DNC 2012 convention, and insaults our intelligence here by thinking we forgot. We have not forgotten Florida was nearly devestated when the housing market crashed and foreclosures went off the charts. We have not forgotten that HE and not Congress nor Bush dismantled the Space Program. We have not forgotten that our own -gag – hack – cough … Deb Wasserman glibbly says, “Thanks to President Obama … we have turned this economy around.” What planet is she on?

To hear Barrack talk … he thinks he has earned -SCRATCH THAT– deserves another term in office to finish the destruction and devestation. Apparently it didn’t happen soon enough so he wants four more years to finish us off. Dimwit college kids, union thugs, welfare recipients, illegals, and women who want free birth control and abortions (why not … with no jobs there’s nothing else for the sexually liberated to do,  right) are waiting to vote Pappa O back in. Scared Seniors who have been lied to about with Mediscare, bear hugging pizza flippers from Port St. Lucie, teacher union members, and the generic uniformed voter will vote Obama. Why? It’s easier than thinking!


Today’s entire DRIVE @ 5 was a disection of Obama’s speech to the Space Coast on Sunday from Melbourne.

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