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The FORWARD Obama campaign looked back to the “glory days” of Bill Clinton.

I’m sorry but the irony of a President who was embattled in the last year of his Presidency with  impeachment proceedings over lying to Congress about an immoral relationship with a young intern on the same night Sandra Fluke, advocate for free birth control, addressed the DNC convention  is just too much not be sarcastic about.

Fact Checkers will work through the night and post his errors by tomorrow morning online. My cell phone didn’t stop buzzing with tweets from Ann Coulter and Dick Morris for most of Clinton’s speech. At about 11:05PM the tweets stopped despite Clinton speaking 15 more minutes. I assume everyone passed out, stopped watching, or realized his speech was so long most of America tuned out so why worry.

In typical Clinton style he electrified the live audience. He is an entertaining speaker filled with passion, humor, and he knows how to make a believable, palatable argument (with or without truth to back it up). In short, he is the best political orator – bar none.

I could go point-by-point and take it apart but I am sure you don’t have another hour to spare. At times he articulated a centrist theme of Republicans and Democrats working together. The problem … Obama doesn’t work that way. He acknowledged we have not had the recovery we would have liked to have BUT then he said NO PRESIDENT -including himself- could have fixed the “mess” in just one term. SO after an hour policy details and projecting his ideals as Obama’s ideals … what was the basic the line from the speech the GOP will run with?

“America is better off with Obama!” Yup. He said it. Why? I told you on my show today … I predicted this! I’m right again. He did his “job” for the party. His presence and “apparent” support of Obama would fire up the base and make everyone think he was campaigning for Obama. WRONG ANSWER! He was campaigning for Hillary in 2016.

Everyone -other than the lapdogs at MSNBC– knows that we are not better off. Even Carville, one time Clinton advisor, told Obama to stay away from the economy and his own record because American’s are not feeling any recovery. What does Clinton do? It was masterful … make everyone THINK he was pulling for Obama but in reality he was pulling Obama apart. First, fact checkers will correct his errors like Medicare stats vs. Paul Ryan’s plan. Clinton knows that. Second, he knows full well people are NOT better off and NO ONE -including CNN correspondents- feels better off.

So why did he say it? Because that -not the other 48 minutes of speak- becomes the headline, byline, and sound bite. Over and Over … angry voters being told they are better off with Obama.

During his reign … Clinton was called by the press the best spin master. They marvelled at how easily he lied to them and they seemed to love it. HE DID IT AGAIN .. MASTERFULLY. He hates Obama despite the hug on the stage tonight.  His narrative of being better off with Obama was a double meaning slap at the President and not a compliment. His entire speechcan be summed up  in one line “Hey give him (Obama) more time to continue to fail.”

Remember… if Obama gets re-elected and succeeds … VP Biden is the next President from the DNC. If Obama gets re-elected and fails bigger than right now … ANY Republican will beat any Dem including Hillary. Bill won’t let that happen. Barrack has got to go. So how does he do it? With a smile, a finger point, authoritative – entertaining speak, and one killer statement: America is better off with Obama. That won’t play with ANYONE outside that hall and Clinton knows it. 😉

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