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 What is the number one qualification to be Vice President of the United States? If you’re on Team Obama it’s someone who can say off the wall asinine bullhock without hurting the President’s credibility. Funny … the rest of us think that the number one qualification of a Vice President is … can be THE President if something were to happen to him.

Joe Biden is not a gaffe machine. He’s an imbecile pretending to be relevant. The mainstream media worried about Sarah Palin? Are you kidding? She’s brilliant compared to this bonehead.

He’s not only a national joke which isn’t even funny … he’s dangerously incompetent to be one heartbeat away from the Office of the President.

Remember how Dan Quale was treated? Remember the contempt for Dick Channey? How does Biden get a pass?

At least Rudy has called attention to what the political talking heads on CNN and MSNBC have missed … while they’re wondering if he hurts the President … they are oblivious to the glaring fact HE’S TOTALLY UNFIT FOR THE POSITION!

 I did a DRIVE @ 5  in Biden’s honor!

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