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Since the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) is more commonly kown as Obamacare since it his signature achievement (ramming the largest tax increase down our throats as a mandate/tax) … shouldn’t the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 (PRWORA)  which reformed welfare to include a work mandate (proposed by Gingrich and signed by Clinton) has now been gutted by the current occupant of the White House … be called Obamafare. No more work. No more trying. Let Mamma Obama take care of you. One flaw with that resolution … Obama aint reaching into his own pocket to pay that … he’s reaching into mine and YOURS!

Obama claims it’s what the states wanted … more flexibility. Sorry, but that doesn’t even pass the laugh test. In fact, it’s such a stupid premise that even Joe Biden wouldn’t say anything that asinine. Our “president” (working here apparently on a guest workers visa) made tactical error but one he cannot help. Since he is a socialist to the core and delights in class warfare he wanted to shore up the Loafer Base to ensure they vote for him to keep the welfare, food stamps, and free cable TV coming.  Blue collar Democrats have been programmed to hate big business corporate America because they have been told the reason they have to work so hard for everything they have is because of Wall Street and mega rich CEO’s. BUT what Obama the socialist didn’t realize is that those same blue collar Democrats who get up at dark thirty and work 40-60 hrs a week also hate supporting people who refuse to work!

But remember … while you are paying more at the pump, getting less in the check, and taking care of do nothings … Mr Hope and Change wants you to know:

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