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WHY … is THE great question of the universe. From the time we were children we wanted to know why. WHY is the sky blue? WHY is the sun hot? WHY do I have to go to bed? WHY can’t I stay home from school?  It’s a seemingly endless list of why’s.

When we become adults we are still asking why. WHY are here? WHY did he do that? WHY can’t I do that? WHY do I have to do that?

It has been said, “yours is not to reason why … but simply do or die.” That’s a cheerful thought. The truth is WHY is the question that unlocks mysteries. WHY is the access question to knowledge. WHY can be enlightening question to the one who asks and a frightening question to the one being asked.

Now here’s a question … WHY do we ask why? Is it to gain knowledge of something we do not know? Are we hoping the answer will somehow give us clarity or perspective or depth of understanding? Or is it simply an insatiable appetite to know. To know what? Either something other’s don’t know or to be apart of the click that does. Knowledge is power. It is also burdensome. Once you know something … you’re responsible for it. When I was a kid I thought it was awesome when my dad would say, “come here I want to show how to do something.” WOW! I was being allowed into the grown up world of knowledge. I soon realized that once he taught me how to sweep the cellar, take out the garbage without dropping it, feed the dog, mow the lawn … those became my jobs. I was now responsible for the knowldge I had received.

Sometimes it’s fun to know something someone else does not know. Sometimes it’s stressful. So the question remains … WHY do we want to know?

What does it say about us to know the nitty griity, dirty details about someone else’s sin or failure? Unless it is situation of where you need to know something of detail (back ground check for a job) … glory in not knowing.

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