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 “I congratulate Congressman Ryan, I know him, I welcome him to the race,” Obama said to boos from a crowd of supporters during his first public comments since Mitt Romney named Ryan as his running mate.

Other Democrats also came out swinging Sunday.

David Axelrod, chief strategist for President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign, called Ryan “a right-wing ideologue” and said the congressman’s selection is aimed squarely at the tea party. Ryan, who’s been criticized for proposing to end traditional Medicare and replace it with a system of vouchers, was not the expected choice by the Obama campaign, Axelrod said.

That’s funny coming from a far left wing ideologue. Romney’s camp needs to go after the ideology of Obama. His ideology establishes his policies.

Axelrod failed to point out that Ryan’s proposals do not effect anyone currently on social security or using Medicare. It’s for people ages 54 and under. At least it’s an idea. What ideas do the Demoncats have to fix Medicare other than scare seniors and raise taxes to fund their runaway welfare programs?

Seeing as this White House has not even proposed a budget in 1200 days … what are their ideas?

Team Obama was ready for Romney to make a safe pick or maybe choose Rubio. They have been caught flat footed on the Ryan choice. It is a CLEAR distinction now … Tax Increases VS Spending Cuts … responsible adults vs class warfare liberals.

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