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Voyle Glover is an attorney in northwest Indiana who spends his leisure time writing fiction … westerns. Nearly thirty years ago he wrote a book entitled Fundamental Seduction. It was to expose the late Dr. Jack Hyles to the world as man who appeared to his followers as a man of God who pastored a large mega church but was actually a master of manipulation who had carried on an affair with a female staff for years. It’s the stuff for a Lifetime Channel movie of the week.

Voyle represented a man named Vic Nischick who claimed Jack Hyles stole his wife’s love and affection forcing him to live in a dormer instead of in the family home. Vic claimed that for over a decade (1960’s into the early 1980’s) Hyles was cheating with his wife. He claimed to have confronted Hyles with this and that Hyles admitted it. BUT he also claims that for a season he decided not to go public, not to expose the sin of the famed pastor, but continued on as the song leader for the pastor and member of the deacon board. Pictures during that same time reveal Hyles and Nischick were friends and enjoyed fellowship and friendship. They are seen laughing and talking. Who laughs and jokes with the guy stealing your wife? Vic made the claim in his book, Wizard of God, that Hyles sought Nischick’s permission to start a college fearing the jilted husband would expose Hyles. Nischick actually expects the reader to believe  he granted that permission and encouraged Hyles to start the school. WOW!

Nischick also claimed that Hyles offered his wife to Nischick in “celestial” marriage. No witnesses. No evidence. No proof. Just Vic and his tales. Finally, one day … the long time deacon and song leader tried to out Hyles at a meeting but was shouted down. Eventually, a publication called The Biblical Evangelist written by Bob Sumner told Vic’s story. I was a student at Hyles Anderson College when the story broke. I met Vic Nischick shortly after at the home of a friend who had grown up at First Baptist. For two years he and I locked horns in an internet forum over his allegations and the lack of proof. He told me I was going to hell and that he did not need proof. He quoted OT passages of scripture and claimed under God’s law SHE had to prove her innocense to her husband.

Hyles denied the affair. Voyle wrote a book about it. In typical lawyer fashion he does not present truth but rather an agenda driven presentation of allegations, inuendo, and skewed facts. Voyle has come out of silence to comment on the Schaap affair as well as a recent video by Linda Hyles Murphrey. The middle adult child of the Hyles family claims having lived a secret life and that her family was dysfunctional and her father had multiple affairs, turned his church into a cult, and scammed the people of God to live a lavish lifestyle. Voyle claims that her accusations along with the Nischick children’s assertions of Hyles’ guilt as proof positive of the Hyles affair. BULL HOCK!

PerspectiveHyles made a critical error in his life. He sacrificed time with his family to travel and speak and put his passionate zeal into the ministry. His kids were hurt by this. The Nischick children were hurt that their parents hated one another so they blamed Hyles. It was actually Hyles who helped keep Vic in the home and provided money for Mrs Nischick to take care of her children and family. Soooo, forty years later we have hurt, dysfunctional adults placing blame on Jack Hyles.

Sorry, Voyle.

For thirty years you have claimed to have proof. Where is it? I debated Nischick for two years asking for proof. None given. No smoking gun. No love notes. No motel receipts or pictures … NOTHING. Just some accusations from an individual whose own stability is less than credible and some adult children who obviously lacked some serious parental invlovement in their growth and development in their formative years and are now lashing out rather than owning up to their own faults and failings.

As already stated in a previous blog entry … IF a Pastor is attempting to cloak a serious, grievous sin … GOD will expose it. There will be no doubt. I believe Schaap is proof of that … much like Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart and Ted Haggard. But in the Hyles’ case we have accusations, rumors, no proof, and DOUBT. When GOD speaks and reveals … NO DOUBT!

So, Vic … for thirty years you have pushed doubt, inuendo, accusations … where’s the proof? Cough it up or shut up! As an attorney you’re reinforcing the distrust people have of lawyers and as a Christian you’re bearing false witness unless you substantiate it. Prove it or Repent!

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