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All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing – Edmund Burke

The cries for justice after an event can be deafening. What about before it happened? I am speaking directly within the context of issues within a church. A pastor falls and people scream for his head. They demand justice!


It’s not about justice. It’s about retribution. It’s about payback. It’s about JUDGMENT! No, justice is not the same thing as judgment. Judgment is about rendering a verdict and handing out a punishment or vindication. Justice is about making sure the right thing gets done and that truth comes out. Justice preceeds judgment. Well, at least that is how supposed to work.

Most people cloak their vindictiveness behind self righteous condemnation. They aren’t really interested in facts that do not support their premeditated agenda. They want their pound of flesh. That’s not justice. That’s vigilante vengenance. Period.

In the Schaap matter -a hot topic- people have been screaming for a week and a half for justice and are offering all their verdicts and judgments. How do you render a judgment when you don’t have all the facts? Even the news cycles have gone cold on this issue. Why? It’s still under investigation. Nothing to report. Why are Christians’ still screaming and passing judgment on something even the secular world says is still -quote- “being looked into.” Translation – Church, stop judging – shut up – WAIT!

You say, “we have all the facts.” Really? We have heard what leadership at First Baptist has had to say. We have heard what David Gibbs has had to say. Have we heard from Schaap or the family of the young lady? Again, I am not excusing nor condoning sinful behavior but before rendering a full judgment … let’s have all the facts.

Here are some facts that are screaming for justice… FACT: Leadership at FBCH sat silently while blasphemous statements were passed off as “bible” preaching. FACT: Leadership at FBCH knew of allegations of immorality among other staff members. Those charges went unheeded, unchecked, and quietly moved along to “other” places of service. FACT: Leadership at FBCH knew and were witness to profane laced tirades at staff meetings and counseling sessions by Schaap. Nothing was done to correct or address the behavior.

While there are those who demand judgment on Jack Schaap … what about addressing the seriousness of those who failed to see the warnings and address issues sooner?

Justice for all and in all needs to be the goal. Not just judgment on the one perceived as guilty. He’s gone. Justice would indicate others need to go as well…

UPDATE … 9/20/12 … Jack Schaap has made a plea agreement in federal court. He pleaded guilty to sexual activity with a seventeen year old girl from June 1st until July 31st. Prosecutors will ask for a ten year prison sentence. Schaap will also register as a sex offender.

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