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Known as the Fab 5, Team USA in women’s gymnatics had a huge obstacle to overcome … themselves! Already considered World Champions they had to overcome the fate of the ’08 team in Bejing which entered the Olympics as World Champions but fell short of Olympic gold. On August 31st … 16 years after the last female team won it in Atlanta … Team USA walked away with the gold. Despite knowing the outcome by mid afternoon I sat glued to the TV last night watching our girls outshine the Russians.

Then Michael Phelps did the incredible … he tied and then broke the record at 19 for most medals won in the Olympics. It was a record that had stood for 48 years.

It was a proud moment to be an American and watch our best BE the best!

These six young people set themselves apart from the best of the rest of the world. They sacrificed. They gave up dates, hanging out with friends, and chunks of their childhood to reach for a dream. Families sacrificed and rearranged their lives to help their children achieve the dream.

Yes, Mr. President, they did that and they did it without any help from you, the government, or a stimulas package.

They paid the price and they were awarded for their work, dedication, and ability to be the best. GO USA!

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