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Sluggish economy with record unemployment, under employment, and outright jobless  for 40 straight months, doubled the national debt by 5 trillion dollars, presided over the LARGEST tax increase in American history with the Obamacare Tax mandate, rammed two multi billion dollar stimulas packages through Congress that netted zero jobs, invested tax payer money in businesses which went bankrupt,  bailed out the auto workers union while taking over private businesses, outsourced tax money to green businesses overseas, thinks the private sector is fine but more government employees are needed, and wants individual achievement minimized by a state socialist mentallity of the collective group (Communism) did it for you … yeah … OBAMA BUILT THAT!

Oh, and his asinine rebuttal of “I was only talking about the roads” is spin and lies. Not to mention … STUPID! So if your business is successful you owe it to the road crew that paved your street? He admitted in his fictional autobiography to smoking dope and doing drugs … maybe that phase is not in his past but still alive in the present. Only an idiot or someone stoned out of their mind finds that a reasonable explanation for trying to defend his infamous “You Didn’t Build That” declaration. Besides … ever driven down a street and seen two businesses side by side … one is profitable and the other tanking? What happened … I thought the road made it successful and not the actual work going on inside.

At the end of the day the decay of the American economy and our way of life … OBAMA BUILT THAT!

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