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On Thursday night my two oldest children went with their friends to attend the midnight premire of the newest Batman movie. As a parent you want your children safe and protected and while there are always faint lingering concerns when they go off with friends … you expect their return. I left a porch light on, got up in the night and checked their rooms, and returned to sleep with the peace of knowing all was well. Friday morning was a shock for all of us as we realized how 12 other families who thought their loved ones would just go see a movie and be back … won’t. Tragic. Senseless. A reminder that there is evil in this world.

We hugged our own loved ones a litte tighter and appreciated the blessings from above.

Now, people will want answers. Our hearts do grieve with the victim’s family and we want resolve and resolution on their behalf. BUT we know how this will be spun … MORE GUN CONTROL.

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