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Months ago when I was supporting Gingrich … I said repeatedly that there were two things that would handicap Romney against Obama in the general election: Robamacare – Bain Capital.

GOP elite felt Mitt was the guy to take on Obama so we got him. Now, if we want the White House and the country back we need to get behind him BUT he needs to get his act in serious gear. Though some of us who are truly commited to the conservative agenda will support Romney because we understand what’s at stake. Most of the country just want a paycheck and a better life and do not care which ideology (liberal or conservative) delivers it as long as it happens.

People are not going to vote for Mitt Romney just because he’s not Obama. Especially as he allows Obama to continually land the first blows forcing him to be reactionary instead of on offense.  Obama is setting the narative … especially on Bain. Mitt can say he was not there when the outsourcing began etc … BUT Obama’s attack ads are extremely effective.

What does Mitt need to do? First … he needs to listen to me. Yes, I said it and I didn’t stutter. Second … he needs some fire in his belly and to go on the attack. Just like he carpet bombed Newt and Santorum with TV ads. He took the gloves off and went bare knuckles with fellow GOP rivals but now treats Obama like a gentleman. BULL HOCK! Go after him on Jeremiah Wright – radical associations – ALL OF IT! Turn on any cable channel that caters to those who are struggling right now and it’s wall to wall Obama ads. Ice Road Truckers looked like it was sponsored by Team Obama. Third … produce ads with REAL people who benefited from Bain – tell the Staples / Sports Authority story. Produce ads of people who lost work because of Obama policies. Start with Coal miners. Fourth … simple bulletin points repeated over and over and over. Give us 1-2-3 fix presentation for the economy. Don’t be stupid and be McCain and think with the right VP choice the Bain issue goes away. Nay. Nay.

So here’s the Pastor Marty plan for Romney:

1. STRIKE, SCORTCH, SATURATE – hard, first, and often – hammer his failed policies and destruction of our country 24/7 on every channel.

2. SIMPLIFY – keep people inspired with bulletin points of your vision and policies that are easy to understand and remember.

3. STUN – keep them guessing by making weekly, BOLD moves which force mainstream media attention

Finally – get ruthless on the Bain issue. Whining like your GOP rivals did about and demanding an apology makes you look weak and like a country club republican. Do a commercial where you look into the camera and dare Obama to make those attacks to your face. Otherwise … it could be Obama the Sequel.

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