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It was predicted that Thomas Dewey, governor of New York, was going to defeat Harry S Truman for President. In fact, on election night a Chicago newspaper ran the headline DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN for the next morning. Imagine the shock of that editor along with other news agencies and radio networks when it turned out that Truman won re-election. How did it happen? Simple. Truman turned the election against Congress. Supporters across the country shouted, “Give ’em Hell Harry!” His platform was based on telling the American he could do more for them and they would love the results IF he had a Congress that would pass his agenda instead of stonewalling and fighting everything. It worked. Thus began a Democratic stronghold over Congress that would last over fifty years until Newt Gingrich and the Contract with America during the Clinton era.

Sadly, Republicans only proved they could be as careless with money as Democrats.

Today, President Obama pitched extending tax cuts on those who make less than $250K a year. He knows this sets up a fight with Congress because Republicans want tax cuts across the board. Obama will paint this as the GOP protecting the rich while making the middle class and the working class suffer. He will make this election about Congress. Can it work? Congressional approval numbers are horrible. Do we need some changes in Congress? You better believe it. BUT we do not need a rubber stamp for Obama to push his radical socialist anti-American agenda down our throats either.

Truman swayed the electorate who were still in love with FDR. It would take sixty years for people to realize how much Roosevelt and Truman hurt America. WWII brought us out the Great Depression NOT FDR socialism.

Obama wants this election to be about ANYTHING but himself and his record. He will make it about Romney, Congress, and Wall Street. Does he have the moxie to pull it off? While many state the American people have awakened … I never underestimate people’s ability to be stupid. Obama has cost us millions of jobs, took over an industry to protect the Unions, and assaulted our liberties. He refuses to protect our borders, grants amnesty to illegal aliens, and sues states who refuse to go along with his agenda. And while claiming to support tax hikes only for the rich … he raped the American middle class with the largest tax hike on the private sector with Obama Care.

BUT it’s Congress’ fault … yeah, right!


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