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I will never forget a life lesson my dad taught me when I was just kid, “when you try to make everyone happy … you only make everyone mad. When you compromise your convictions for convenience your opposition only sees you as weak and your friends see you as a traitor.” This was a lesson I would learn repeatedly for the next forty plus years.

Everyone likes to be liked. No likes to be thought of as the mean one no one can get along with or the person who can never be flexible.

Chief Justice John Roberts came to the Supreme Court as an appointee of  President George W Bush under protest from then Senators Barrack Obama and Joe Biden. He was painted by the media as a conservative extremist. Yet, his vote gave liberals and the Obama Administration their biggest cheering platform in three years: HE decided in favor of Obamacare. His vote was heard around the world. Everyone -on both sides- wants to know why he did it?

Some suggest it was covert … that had he striken it down it would only create a liberal backlash that the court that picked Bush as President and then Bush picked Roberts and Roberts killed Obamacare … by declaring it a “tax” it gave the GOP an issue to run on and voters the option to vote it out this November and be done with it once and for all without the Court deciding. HORSE HOCKEY!

CBS is reporting that he worked hard to get Kennedy to come over to his side to make the majority bigger.

He wanted to appear studied and constitutional by finding a loop hole to vote in favor of it: Taxing Power of the Congress (much like the Supreme Court decision which legalized abortion as a made up right to privacy issue). By masking that way he felt he could gain favor with his liberal associates and retain his conservative standing by arguing he “had” to do it on constitutional grounds. All he did was make everyone mad and laugh at him.

Conservatives see this for what it is … compromise and legislating from the bench. Liberals are split emotionally: on the one had they celebrate the victory of winning this issue BUT now have to try and spin it as a NON TAX which it is. On that hand … liberals hate him.

He now appears weak and an appeaser rather than a judicial authority to be respected. It’s a lose – lose for him and the country. He KNOWS it’s bad law and horrible policy. He said so but voted in favor of it anyway. In the end he will become isolated and irrelevant. Trusted by no one. History will not be kind to this Benedict Arnold of the 21st Century.

Conviction is based on established truth not convenient opinion of the day.

Conviction stands alone while compromise looks for majority support.

Conviction is not about relevance. It’s about resolution.

Roberts only proved when it came time to stand … he stooped, bowed, and sat down to the expediency of compromised appeasement. He did not erase his status as an extremist by those on the left. He simply allowed them to add the word compromiser to their list. Which means the people lost, the Constitution was trampled, and socialism gained a tighter grip on our Republic. Thank you for nothing, Benedict Roberts!

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