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From time-to-time I use this blog to post personal updates that are not related to politics or ministry. This is one of those posts.

I recently spent a week in Pensacola, Florida at summer camp with 31 teenagers from my youth ministry. On Thursday night during the altar call two amazing things happened personally for my family … first, my oldest daughter received Christ. It began Tuesday night when she asked God to release her from the anger and bitterness she felt. Events from three years ago had been surpressed but never really dealt with. She forgave her dad Tuesday night … no words to express my deep emotions over this.

The second personal aspect of Thursday night, my son Ira took me to the altar. He prayed aloud for me! He asked God to bless me and use me to my fullest potential and place me where I was called to be. What do you say when your 15 year old son looks into your soul and gives voice to your own heart’s cry?

As my wife and I have been praying as to our future and what we sense God is doing … it was a huge thrust forward having my daughter’s forgiveness and my son voicing spiritual insight in a simple prayer following a message on the Prayer of Jabez. I am blessed beyond belief.

BUT GOD wasn’t done!

While I was in the midst of His out pouring in Pensacola … my wife was messaging my oldest nephew. Josh and I were very close when he was young. His father and I began in ministry together as an evangelistic team. I would preach and he did the music. Eventually after I had been pastoring … he joined me as my associate. For several years our ministry as Brother’s In Christ impacted hundreds and thousands of lives. But we had two distinct and different callings … not simply music vs speaking. He’s an evangelist at heart who turns everyday life into soul winning opportunities and believes in keeping things basic. I’m a revival-disciple-train-grow guy. We finally went out seperate ways. There was a season of division between us. This effected not only our relationship but that of our children as well. Especially my son who was very young and his cousin Josh.

As time passed … my brother and I restored our relationship. My other nephew Elijah helped me over the next two years with Little League baseball and my sons felt reconnected. Josh’s childhood was already over and passed and he was an adult. We didn’t really reconnect the same way.

God used some events to open a door for my wife and Josh to make that reconnection. He and his fiance came to spend the weekend with us. He sang in church this past Sunday … The Anchor Holds. I, along with many others, wept as he ministered in music. Emphasis on minister. Many people can sing. He has an anointing to sing and minister. It took me back many, many years…. GOD restored something in me this morning!

Despite the storms, the failures, the sins, the mistakes … the Anchor Holds. Satan did what he does … sought to divide and destory. BUT GOD did what He does … restores what the cankerworm eats away and gives back what the thief tries to steal. I am not sure what everything this week and weekend means in my life, but I do know that despite this ship being a bit worn and torn … the anchor of Christ still holds!

Here’s our week at camp…

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