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Most problems within churches are self inflicted. In Matthew 16 Jesus made it clear that the gates of hell would never prevail against the church. That doesn’t mean Satan won’t attack but it does mean he cannot win. So why does it seem at times that he is? Because we (the church) surrender and give him the win by forfeit.

How do we do this?

ATMOSPHERE OF ‘OH ME’ INSTEAD OF AMEN! I recently attended a Christian college which hosts a week long camp for teens. The camp atmosphere was electric. The chapels were enthusiastic and joyous. There was an energy level of expectation of wanting God to do something for everyone there. Amen’s rang out during the preaching and spontaneous applause when the preacher really drove home a point.  BUT THEN… those same campers attended the sponsor church for the midweek service. Pomp and circumstance. Occasional head nods replaced amen’s and gospel hymns were sung like classical toned anthems rather than victorious testimonials set to music.

The preacher who had been unleashed in camp chapels to preach with fire and unction his convictions was placed on a short leash as a “display” for the spiritually upright and equally uptight members of the congregation. Plastic smiles and rehearsed greetings were as genuine as leatherette chairs. Gone was the fun, friendliness, and fire of the camp atmosphere. Gone also was the conviction and anointing of the Holy Spirit.

LORD’S DAY IS NOW THE LORD’S HOUR. We have become enslaved to the clock and to the calendar. If we say that Sunday is the Lord’s Day then let Him have HIS DAY! Tongues wag and nursery workers gripe if the sixty minute service goes 70, 80, or 90 minutes. How dare God alter the schedule without notification and permission.

FACADE OF FUNDAMENTALISM IS THE FORMULA FOR FORMALISM. We rail against the contemporary movement within the church as an enemy of fundamentalism BUT a casual understanding of church history reveals that the revival of the fundamentals at the dawn the twentieth century reveals and admonishment not only about worldliness BUT formalism as well. In other words, not only are we to be concerned over being fleshly relevant but also joy killing formalism as well! Fundamental preachers were educated but also firey and confrontation. Today we seem to have one or the other but not both. Sad. Our statement of faith is right but our pulpits lack Holy Ghost fire. No miracles. No all night prayer meetings. No deliverance. Just stale bread lectures rumored to be messages. GOD help us!

It’s sad that any fire lit in those young people at camp was put out by the formal correctness of the church. Apparently we either have colleges which dowse the Christianity of the student or churches which defuse the enrichment of an anointed Bible education. What makes it harder is when that war takes place on the SAME property. Preacher boys fired up by visiting master revivalists only to be slumbered into irrelevant occupation by staged services and canned presentations in the campus cathedral. Sad.

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