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…than to hear my children walk in truth.” III John 1:4

I sat in the Dale Horton Auditorium on the campus of Pensacola Christian College last night watching 1,200 teens and young people enjoy the excitement of the opening night of Teen Extreme Youth Camp.

This is my second year to bring the teens I pastor (GC Youth of Temple Baptist Church) to this week of camp to hear and be influenced by Dr. Kenny Baldwin. An amazing preacher with an evident anointing from God to do what he does. As I obsorbed the atmosphere of all those teens hearing  and responding to the Word of God … I was thrilled to have a small part in bringing 31 young people here.

Then it hit me … that AMEN moment … all 4 of my children were in the SAME service. They are all now part of my youth ministry. What really struck me was not only were they there … but they wanted to be. No one made them. In fact, my son Andrew is entering the 9th grade this Fall and because of baseball obligations he never got to go to Youth Conference or summer camp before. He made it very clear he was not missing out this year. Hannah, my oldest, graduated three weeks ago. She gave up work to go. Charity, my youngest, has been dreaming of coming to youth events since she was five years old. Ira … is one of my teen leaders in the dorm.

NO GREATER JOY than to know my children walk in truth! I am blessed beyond belief.

Hannah will be going to a Christian university in just over a month. Ira believes God has called him into the pastorate. Charity has a tender spirit wants to do something in ministry. Andrew, my sarcastic mini-me, wants to be a doctor and earn money through investments. As he put it, “God needs one of the Braemer’s to finance the rest of the Braemer ministries.”

Many people have had children who have broken their hearts or rebelled against their spiritual upbringing. Not mine. What is even more amazing is the evidence of God’s grace in this because my kids have an excuse to rebell and walk away from their faith … ME.

When you have lost integrity in the eyes of your children because of your own sin BUT  they choose to do the right thing and they stay yielded to the Holy Spirit … it’s an overwhelming feeling of gratitude toward  God that He has kept them safely under His wing and their futures are as bright as the promises of God.

It’s beyond words.

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