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He was supposed to be the smartest President we have ever had. In fact, not only were to be in awe of his ability to speak at our level and inspire us … we were to be amazed by his savy with the media. Afterall, President Reagan was his role model in this area.


First, he is far from the smartest President in US history. Second, images speak louder than words. For a guy who used the electronic and social media to his advantage in 2008 … he has blundered in 2012. Every picture of him doing something thoughtless or stupid is online in seconds. He can give all kinds of speeches on how the economy is rebounding or even play Clinton and try and sound like he feels our pain BUT THEN his vacation pictures appear everywhere and unemployed people who just lost their homes realize their taxes are paying for those trips!

On Friday he said the private sector is fine. Later he had to back track … funny, how the smartest President has had to do so much spin work lately … but none the less it points out how out of touch he is.

So much so that words cannot do it justice apart from images … enjoy my video blog today!

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