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When the voters of Wisconsin elected Scott Walker governor in 2010 the state was facing a 3.6 billion dollar deficit.

Despite the state having been a Democratic stronghold for decades … a new GOP governor didn’t send shockwaves through the DNC initially. They dismissed his election as voter frustration over the economy. After all, look at the deficit in a state where it’s largest city was more dysfunctional than Detroit … what could HE actually do?


No more collective bargaining for public sector employees and no more union monopolies on public services. WOW! It made him an instant Rock Star in the GOP and an immediate target of hate by the Left. State legislators fled and hid refusing to return and vote. It only made Scott a bigger hero on the national among tea party advocates who were sick and tired of the few dictating the masses policies of tax, spend, and tax some more.

Labor leaders across the country seized the state. Hundreds of thousands poured in to protest and demand a recall election (in a state they were not residents of).

Let the games begin. Money poured in. Protestors and agitators poured in. Unions like the NEA screamed and warned that children would die because the governor was breaking up the teacher’s unions. Democratic leaders sat back, watched, dreamed, and then panicked. Something happened… the governor’s policies are WORKING!

Local school districts have more money and more flexibility than ever before. Municipalities had more money for more projects and could actually lower taxes but get more done. In less than 2 years Scott Walker wiped out the 3.6 billion dollar deficit and they now have a 154 million dollar surplus.

53% of Wisconsin voters love what the Governor has done. His new Democratic rival … Tom Barrett. Under his watch as mayor, Milwaukee has the highest unemployment and highest tax rates within the state. Under Scott the state’s overall unemployment dropped from 9% when he took office to just over 6% meaning hundreds of thousands have gone back to work.

Oh, and Obama has not gone anywhere near the state. He has campaigned in Iowa, Illinois, and Minnesota but has flown over, around, and past Wisconsin … a state which the DNC believes is a dedicated Blue state. Hmmm

Apparently the brave commander-in-chief who can order Osma’s death hit from the security of the White House bunker is too chicken s*** to face a strong GOP governor who has delivered great results despite Obama’s backwards national economic policies.

Am I missing something?

The voters of Wisconsin are being asked to choose today between a governor who lowered taxes, wiped out the deficit, and produced a surplus OR the mayor of the second of the largest bankrupt cities in America.

Only Democrats think that’s a winning solution.

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