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 When you are the mayor of the largest city in the United States it’s like governing a small country or mid size state. Michael Bloomberg followed on the heels of Rudy G’s success of fixing New York and making it safe, clean, and functional again during his tenure.

Rudy got crime under control, got hookers, drug dealers, and porno theaters off Broadway  and made it a city where businesses wanted to be. Bloomberg? He allowed the squatters on Wall Street to destroy property, violate laws about loitering, drug use, and vile behavior all in the name of “free” speech. He went after eateries for serving salt and trans fat. Now the Nanny Mayor has deemed the Big Gulp and any soft drink over 16 ounces to be public enemey number one. Yup, the Gulp is gone. Not just from quick grab fast marts but any drinking fountain from McD’s to KFC. Also targeted are 20 ounce bottles from stores. As the taxes go up and New Yorkers flee the city … Bloomberg fleeces the businesses that remain with asinine stupidity. Mike … you’re NO Rudy!

LOOK! Up in the sky…

It’s a bird … NO NO

It’s a plane .. NAY NAY

It’s the Gay Lantern! DC Comics announced that the original of the Green Lantern heroes is now retooled and repackaged as openly gay. Why? DC is now PC.

In keeping with the Obama lead … not only is it okay to be gay BUT it’s the new agenda.

Capes and tights and boys … Oh, My!


Fifty years in the making… Mets get their first No Hitter in franchise history from a pitching ace. Despite the team that birthed Seaver, Gooden, and Nolan Ryan .. they never had a no hitter. Johann Santana pitched his first career no hitter on June 1st against the Cardinals. Carlos Beltran hit a ball declared foul which St. Louis argues was fair BUT the umps and Mets fans see it differently. Besides, when Beltran was a Met he choked in at bat against St. Louis which ended our run for the penant.

I had the opportunity to guest preach two services on June 3rd at an SBC church in Florida.

After pastoring for 15 years and preaching 4 times a week to serving as an associate and preaching only once a week has been a change and adjustment. Doing the radio broadcast keeps my creativity alive but I have missed the response and enegry from a live congregation. I appreciated their warmth and hospitality. The Holy Spirit gave me liberty, peace, and little extra “sha-zam!” in the pulpit. It was a blessing to be back.

There is nothing like to doing what you know you were born to do and God allowing you to do it. I am Blessed Beyond Belief!

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