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I am almost tempted to begin this article with the phrase, “just when you think it cannot get any worse…” BUT since it’s an election year AND we’re dealing with mentally deseased liberals I must admit that NOTHING they do, say, or endorse shocks me anymore.

Planned Parenthood is nothing more than Planned Murder. Period.

Watching the liberal media spin machine try and explain away the undercover hidden camera consultation of a perspective client at an Austin, Texas Planned Parenthood clinic being advised by an employee how to circumvent the legalities of late term abortions based on gender choice is truly revealing of the depravity of their sick minds to justify genecide. Calling the working a “trainee” and dismissing the expose as a hack job is laughable. First, if she was JUST a trainee why was she meeting alone with clients? Where was her trainer?

Second, the “hack job” proves what Pro Life proponents have long suspected … Planned Parenthood is an abortion mill. Nothing more. It’s not about helping families or assisting women. It’s about death for profit and population limitation. Planned Parenthood fired this woman but also claim it was not over this issue. Baloney. She was fired for getting caught! The liberal media spin machine is screaming and ranting over “hack job” and “amateur” over the hidden camera expose in an obvious attempt to cover their collective backsides from embarassment and being caught red handed promoting Gender Selection Abortion.

On a scale like the ACORN expose (employees counseling hookers and drug dealers about housing, taxes, and more)  … when Planned Parenthood is fighting for its cash flow from Washington NOT to be cut off … this doesn’t help. Obama just received their endorsement. This won’t stop him or shame him from accepting it. Afterall, he proposed legislation in Illinois making it a crime for medical professionals to save the life a baby which managed to survive an abortion. Any baby who was able to escape the muderous skills of demon possessed butcher calling itself a doctor is more deserving of the Presidential Medal of Freedom than Communist’s like Deloroes Huerta did when Obama put one around her Marxist neck earlier this week. Shameful. Claiming it would thwart the will of the mother, Obama’s views were considered so radical that on the national level even Senator Ted Kennedy refused to sign on. A genocidal President accepting the endorsement of America’s leading death camp … not surprising at all.

Planned Parenthood is trying desperately to convince American’s they are helping women with health issues like breast cancer. They attempt to strike fear into people that if DC stops funding them they will cease to exist and that means women will die. BULL HOCK! Liberals lie and do so without guilt, shame, or conscience. Thousands of other clinics – REAL medical clinics – provided real life saving services for women. Planned Parenthood is simply following the outline of its founder, radical feminist and militant racist Margret Sanger. Sanger proposed birth control as a women’s health issue at the turn of the twentieth century. Too many women were dying birthing too many children. She used a real concern – health and safety of mothers during pregnancy – to introduce and induce her deadly plan to weed out the “undesirables.” It was about population control and race purification. She was a role model to Adolf Hitler. Her “Negro Project” was designed to stop the reproduction of the Black race. Funny, America’s first Black President wouldn’t even be IF she had gotten her plan enacted faster.

Where do most abortions occur? Poor neighborhoods. What does that mean? Minority neighborhoods. What does THAT mean? Figure it out….

The Democrats and Liberals who claim to be the champions of women’s rights and civil rights are truly charlatans masking their hatred for both. It was the Republican’s who freed the slaves under Linclon (also a Republican) and passed Civil Rights since Southern Democrats bolted from Kennedy and Johnson on the issue. To keep African-American’s in line and drinking the Cool-Aid and voting for Democrats, liberals give them forums, perceived places of leadership, and even the White House. At the end of the day it is action which speaks louder than words. What are the actions of liberals on Black American’s? Quiet slavery. Put them in public housing, living on public assistance, forcing them into crime through drugs and gang violence in desperation to break out of their poverty, fill their neighborhoods with the vices that will kill their race, and if that isn’t fast enough … Planned Parenthood is there to speed the process along. Any that remain are brainwashed in thinking that only Democrats and liberals care so vote that way. They have to realize that their provider is their jailer forcing them to be a permenant under class.

Malcom X was more right than wrong on this. The problem was not the White man. The problem was and remains members of the liberal mind who oppress the Black race with programs that eliminate drive, self respect, and self worth.

Now, they have set their sights on women. Using feminists as cover, just as the used Black leaders as pawns, they are now ramping up Gender Selection Abortions by making it a Women’s rights issue! In other words, if the baby isn’t the right sex … abort and start over. WOW!

In India and China where this is legal … it is overwhelming the females that are aborted.

Yesterday, the Republican’s in the U.S. House of Representatives voted to make it a crime to perform abortions based on gender. Despite having a majority of votes 246-186 … the vote required a two thirds majority meaning the bill failed by 30 votes. Obama and Democrats hailed it as a victory.

Victory? Gender Selection Death is now a victory according to this President. God help you if you as a “Christian” vote for that man! It’s a vote for murder! It’s a vote for genocide!

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