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Do you remember when you were a child and maybe your mother or a teacher or a coach told you that people would judge you by the company that you keep… in other words, you will be known by your associations.

Why is okay for the Liberal press and DNC to talk about Romney’s associations with people like Donald Trump but how dare we mention any of Obama’s associations. We’re told people like Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers are off limits. Really? Why? Whether people realize it’s a biblical principle or not they do know you become like what & who you expose yourself to. Can you sit under the influence of a Jeremiah Wright for twenty five years and not be affected? Can you associate with radicals who hate American capitalism like Bill Ayers or Van Jones and not have that influence affect you?

The answer is no. You will become what you expose yourself to. It’s a simple, factual, and, yes, biblical principle.

People on the left hate it when people on the right state Obama is a radical, a socialist, a marxist-communist, and anti-American. Why wouldn’t people on the right think that since those are the very people who have his ear, his heart, and his mind. They are who he allows to influence him.

On May 29th President Obama placed the Presidental Medal of Freedom (our nation’s highest civilian honor) around the neck of an avowed marxist who has committed her life to stop American capitalism … Dolores Huerta. He introduced the 82 year old feminist activist as a “community organizer.” Sound familiar? She organized the Farmer’s Union. In typical fashion she portrayed migrant farmers as down trodded peasants under the feet corrupt capitalist farmer owners. Many were illegal aliens and were not exactly of great moral character. It wasn’t about wages. It was about control. It was about the redistribution of wealth.

Divorced twice and mother of eleven (four out of wedlock) , she was also associated with Chavez and other communist leaders.

She is what she is and proud to this day of it … a communist. The media spins her image as a “progressive activist” defending the rights of the poor. PUKE. That’s code for “flaming liberal hiding in the Democratic party to slowly induce communism into the American culture.”

Obama the radical and his associations are now FAIR game. Afterall, he is a company man.

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