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 Reflecting the fact he knows he’s in trouble rather than projecting himself as President and In Charge … Obama did couch time on The View. Why? He’s losing his female support. After an onslaught aimed at Romney depicting both he and the GOP as anti women it has backfired and been epic PR fail for the Obama Spin team.

Not only are Republican’s not trying to keep women from getting contraceptives … the President succeeded in drawing the Catholic church into a holy war over convictions and faith. Then an Obama staffer insulted Ann Romney which was felt by women everywhere. More apologies from the Obama White House. Now comes Same Sex Marriage. It’s another attack on the GOP as well as people of faith. This issue has finally awaken many black clergy into open opposition with the President.

In the one week since he stated he is now for Same Sex Marriage and wants the Defense of Marriage Act repealed he has raised $21 million dollars among Hollywood and Manhattan elite BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT it’s costing him far more than it’s helping him.

In a New York Times/CBS poll released this week only 7% of voters care about this issue. 62% are voting on the economy. Other troublesome issues with this poll (not exactly a conservative leaning poll either) is that Obama is now behind Romney. Not only that … Obama is losing to Romney on the female vote.  This President has been an complete failure -worse than Jimmy Carter- and does not deserve four more years. He keeps creating strawmen issues BUT the voters aren’t buying it. Why should they? They can’t really buy anything in this Obama-conomy.

In January we were told the economic turn around had begun. I told my radio audience, “mark it down … shrinking unemployment for December means seasonal jobs for the holidays. Wait until February and March reflect the lay off’s once additional retail personnel, delivery men, and other seasonal positions end.” I am a prophet. Told ya! Unemployment numbers edged back up.

Today we were told that in April car sales and electronic appliance sales rose. Another sign of Obama-conomy working? Nope! People need cars and want iPads and flat screen TV’s sooooo guess where the Income Tax refund checks were spent?

Obama’s media superpacs like CNN, NBC, and CBS can tell people the recovery has begun and jobs abound BUT people in the everyday real world aren’t seeing it or experiencing it.  They feel the pain of being broke.

When I was in my second year of college studying theology the Televangelist Scandals became HUGE news. First was Jim Bakker and then Jimmy Swaggart. I’ll never forget our Chancellor and Founder tell the theology majors one Saturday evening that Swaggart had sinned and morally failed but people would forgive him and eventually his ministry would continue which it does to this day. It no longer has the influence it once did but he’s still preaching. Our chancellor went on to say Bakker would have a tougher time getting forgiveness. Why? He spent peoples’ money and wasted it on indulging his own flesh. People would not be so forgiving over their hard earned money being taken from them.

Here’s a lesson for the President … the people (Us) would forgive for a failure of misjudgment but never for wasting our money. How does he lecture us with a straight face that JP Morgan and the banks need more regulation over losing their own money when he lost billions of ours on Solyndra and shovel stimulas give-a-ways and no one regulates him?

He can make commercials using three or four people who lost jobs when Romney’s company bought them out but what about the millions of unemployed today because of Obama’s own policies?

Enjoy the couch. Slow jamm the news with Jimmy Fallon. Let Newsweek call you the first Gay President. But at the end of the day people are afraid of YOUR economy and your policies. It’s still the economy, stupid!

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