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As a radio talk show host and as a preacher … I am constantly looking for life lessons in the things we face in everyday life and then sharing those lessons either with listeners or parishoners.

Lately I have been thrust into the world of personal aut repair. Translation: I’m smart enough to learn how to do this stuff myself and too cheap to pay someone else to do it.

Last week I saved over $500 by replacing the AC-heater blower motor myself. It was a pain and required more work than anticpated but I enjoyed the satisfaction of having done it myself.

This weekend was a 2 for 2 special involving batteries … one in my riding lawn mower and the other in the family mini van. For about a year the riding mower would not start without a jump. The battery was dying. “Dad, what are you going to do when jumping it doesn’t work anymore?” was the question posed by 15 year old son a week ago. Typical dad response, “We’ll deal with it when it happens.” Translation: I was too tired to go to Auto Zone and too cheap to buy a new one. Soooo, this past Saturday when I could not jump the mower … off to Auto Zone and within ten minutes of getting home the mower was cutting grass. Good thing I got the new battery … I hit a small stump and it caused the mower to stop. A restart without the new battery without the new batter would have meant pushing it from the back yard to the front drive for a jump. Life LessonWithout a power supply things don’t work. As a Christians we understand that the Holy Spirit is our power supply to be able to live this life and do what we need to do. Without Him and His anointing … we fail on our own weak strength.

Sometimes the battery does not need replacing. Sometimes corrosion hinders the current. Last week when I worked on my AC motor I thought about disconnecting the battery. When I popped the hood I noticed the corrosion on the positive terminal and clamp. It was so corrosive that the clamp moved freely in my hand. Later that day while I was driving my dash board instruments went nuts. I knew that moving that clamp had interupted the power flow. Without a steady and constant 12 volts the electronic system of the van would not function properly. 

I got home and cleaned it up with baking soda and water. It worked … for one week. Sunday night I jumped in and went to start it and nothing. I moved the clamp and got interiors to come on -kind of- but not enough juice to start it. Back to Auto Zone for a $3.00 part. Recleaned with positive terminal with Coca-Cola and then attached the new clamp. PERFECT!

Life Lesson – Without clear contact from the power supply there’s no connection. In the life of a Christian our contact with God can be hindered by sin, unbelief, indifference, apathy, and host of other things from misplaced priorities to giving up. It’s all corrosive in our relationship with God and keeps us from maintaining a steady, consistent connection where prayers are answered, the Word is speaking to us, and our walk is growing. We can give it the temporary soda cleaning which is the quick confession but if we don’t deal with the cause for the corrosion … it will keep happening until God stops dealing with us all together.

If you want contact with God where He hears you and responds to you then you have to have a clear, uncorroded connection by maintaining and building your personal relationship with Him. Without Him … no power. No power? You aren’t going anywhere.

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