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What do you do when you’re a political commentator or political reporter and there’s nothing to comment on or report? Obama is seeking the Democratic nomination uncontested and despite Romney not reaching the total delegates needed tonight … he will be the GOP nominee.

The possibility of an upset comes down to the kinds of stats that ESPN commentators fill hours talking about. “Team A is up seven games BUT if they lose the next 4 and Team D wins the next 8 we have a different outcome.” YAWN … doesn’t happen … and after awhile even a die hard sports fan gets bored with the “possibility” game.

The GOP contest got really boring when Santorum stepped out. Gingrich is too cash strapped to mount a real comeback or fight and Ron Paul has sunk to total irrelevance.

This leaves commentators, pundits, and political talking heads to discuss VP options for Romney.

So who won? The status quo establishment … again. They stay middle, fight with words, surrender on action, and never score. The dreamers and idea people stir up the fans, create the plays, score, but are never allowed to win. That honor is reserved for the sideline establishment who come in AT the moment of victory and claim stakes & rights to the trophy.

Who loses? The people who worked, fought, and created the momentum. The people with ideas and actual plans are sent home. They are told to get in line and stay in step with everyone else.Will they? Yes. Why? Because beating Obama means that much and the establishment knows it, so they blackmail the base with it.

What is the base left to do? Hope that the guy will at least give them “some” of what they want.

Not very inspiring is it?

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