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Anyone who listens to my radio show, The Drive @ 5, knows that I have not been overly supportive of Mitt Romney as the GOP nominee. In fact, I’ve done what I can to support almost anyone else on the conservative side. But the inevitability of Romney’s nomination is now merely a technicality despite remaining primaries. Cain’s train left the station, Bachman won’t be back, Perry is in a Texas style showdown of his own, Santorum stepped away, and Newt -despite being THE smartest man running for President- has electability issues. The first one being is that he cannot get nominated. At some point you have to be real about your own prospects. Ron Paul? Other than some fringe die hard supporters … he was over before he began. He just didn’t know it.

So that leaves us with Mitt.

His “Etch-A-Sketch” persona of saying one thing to get votes (presenting himself as a conservative in the primary but then moderating center for the general election and in governing) has many of us concerned. He says he’s Pro-Life but made abortion concessions in his health care plan. He says he’s Pro Second Amendment but upheld Mass strict gun laws. On the campaign trail he has spoken positively about minimum wage increases, global warming, and his support for the stimulas bail out of Wall Street. None of these are exactly conservative issues.

Then there’s Romneycare. Argue and redefine all he likes it is still THE model for Obamacare. Mitt Romney supported government controlled, rationed health care that was mandated for people to buy. He says it was a state issue and not something he would support as President. Ooookay.

Mitt claims to have “grown” into being a conservative. Many conservatives like Marco Rubio (rookie congressman and tea party darling) believe Mitt will govern as a conservative. Pundits like Ann -spray tan- Coulter have “endorsed” his conservative credentials. The Wall Street Journal stated Mitt will need to be “persuaded” to govern as a conservative. His tendancy is to moderate and cooperate with liberals and get everyone to compromise.

Other areas of concern center around how his faith will influence his decisions. Mormons have spent millions of dollars doing a theological PR makeover of themselves trying to convince everyone they are a mainstream, orthodox Christian group when, in fact, they are not. Is this what Mitt is doing to us? Is he really becoming a conservative or doing a Mormon learned PR move on us? Then there is his status as wealthy and out of touch. Make no mistake … Obama will hit that hard, often, and WITH results! Bain Capitol will become his bain during the general campaign.

But at the end of the day here is why Mitt Romney will be the next President of the United States … he’s NOT Obama!

Conservatives find themselves in the strange waters that the Democrats found themselves in two decades ago when they nominated and elected Bill Clinton. Was it because Clinton had core values that Democrats supported (he enacted welfare reform which drove liberals out of their minds – thank you, Newt) or was he free from personal baggage and scandal? Nope. He won because he was NOT George Bush Sr. Obama won because he was NOT McCain-Bush or white. He won on carisma, speeches, and rhetoric. But now he has a record. Spin all he likes … the economy is still in the tank and people are hurting. His “solutions” have created far more problems.

What does Mitt Romney bring to the table for conservatives like me to support?

1. HE’S NOT OBAMA which is vast, huge improvement over the current situation.

2. HE UNDERSTANDS THE ECONOMY his economic policies WILL produce economic growth and jobs WITHOUT raising taxes or creating government give-a-ways. He will cut regulations to allow businesses to breath and grow, free up banks to loan money, and STOP Obamacare.

3. HE IS PRO AMERICA which means he will respect the Constitution and not shred it and disregard it like the current thugs at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. He will promote our nation as THE leader of the world and not apologize for it. He WILL stand with Israel, stop Iran from becoming a Nuke nation, deal with Korea, and end China’s theft of American ideas and our economy.

In my opinion the current occupant of the White House cannot prove he’s an America citizen. He has proven he’s a European socialist. Fine. Elect Romney in November and allow Obama to move to Europe where he belongs!

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