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President Obama cannot run on his record and despite best efforts by the willing media (which could be described as an Obama superpac) to report that the economy is steadily coming back and unemployment is dropping … American’s know better. 386,000 new jobless claims were submitted last week. So much for the Obama comeback. Gas prices continue to rise and foreclosures continue to spiral in depression era numbers.

The President failed to get the Buffet Rule passed this week, will probably lose Obamacare in the Supreme Court, was embarassed by Secret Service agents gone wild in Columbia with prostitutes while the Neeley and the GSA are being scrutinized by Congress for spending over $825,000 on a “conference” for 300 people in Las Vegas on the tax payer’s dime. The Bush White House did not allow conferences or meetings in places like that or Florida or anyother vacation oriented venues. Why? It wouldn’t be right or look right to hard working Americans. But Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D) from Nevada wanted his state to roll in the dough supplied by YOU the tax payer. Oh, and now there’s suspicion this money came from Obama’s Stimulas which no one can account for where over 700 billion dollars was spent. Another blissful week in Obama Land. But hey … Michelle is making the rounds comparing her husband to Jesus and making sure school kids don’t get fat.

Mainstream media “reports” that people like Obama over Romney yet the latest polls from Gallop, FOX, and Rasmussen all indicate that Romney is gaining an edge over Obama among independents and overall. This is goodnews for Camp Romney which concluded a hard and, at times, nasty GOP nomination race. Despite the technicalities of more primaries … it’s Mitt Romney, GOP Nominee.

So how does the WH respond …. Doggie Gate. You’ve seen the stories trying to portray Mitt as a monster for making his dog ride in a carrier on the top of the family wagon. While they insult our intelligence and try to convince us this is like Chevy Chase’s character in Vacation dragging a dog from the rear bumper to its death … nothing could be further from the truth. Not only was the dog safe and secure in a custom made carrier designed for and mounted to the top (better conditions than dogs in travel kennels in the cargo hold of a plane) but many of us grew up riding in pick up trucks with the dog in the open back loving every minute of the ride. The jokes ended and the Obama Administration reeling after audio clips of Obama narrating his own book Dreams of My Father recounts his eating dog meat as a boy. Which is worse… driving around with a dog safely secured in a carrier or digesting one in your colon?

Now, they’re trying to gain traction over Romney’s comment about a cookie in Pennsylvania. Really? Really? Millions unemployed, record debt of an additional 5 trillion dollars under Obama, and our rights and freedoms being stripped away by his out of control, social reprogramming Attorney General’s KGB storm troopers. Now they try to distract us with a phony war on women and contraceptives, dog carriers, and now cookies.

Yeah, if I were Obama … I’d run from that record, too. His rhetoric never measured up.

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