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…rules the world. Motherhood is without a doubt THE hardest job on the planet. Too bad the liberal extreme feminists don’t see it that way. Hilary Rosen, a DNC advisor, recently said on CNN that Ann Romney had no business offering her insight on the economy since she has never had a “real” job. This was an obvious dig that wife of GOP front runner Mitt Romney has been a stay at home mom who raised five sons.

The party which claims to represent women, choice, and tolerance is the most bigotted group of intolerant control freaks when your choice does match their agenda.

After a backlash from both sides … the Obama adminstration forced Rosen to issue an apology but the damage has been done. Obama, seeking to create side issues to distract voters from his own failed record and policies was hoping to gain steam over women’s rights issues and portraying the GOP as declaring war on women. Instead, Ann Romney has become a hero and champion of women with families while the White House is now viewed as divisive on this issue. Even the President was forced to issue a statement in support of moms staying home to raise their children.

Further evidence the White House realizes they’re in touble on this issue are the pollng numbers showing 90% support for Ann Romney. This now makes Mitt human and real and personable. It makes him ELECTABLE! The plan was to portray him as a rich out of touch with mainstream America one percenter who is the reason they are suffering. He is now viewed as a man who made good and whose wife stayed at home by choice, battled cancer and won, and is battling MS.

It has also given conservatives a reason to support Mitt. Up until now … many conservatives, myself included, were struggling to support a man we feared would moderate to the middle after receiving the nomination. But this latest stunt by the left and the demeaning of motherhood proves why Obama and his ilk MUST go in November!

Hilary, you just gave the keys to the Oval Office to Mitt Romney.

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