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“Love is enough!” No, it’s not.

When I hear a young person talk about being in love and they as a couple can face anything as long as they have love I just smile, roll my eyes, and think “boy, do you have alot to learn.”

Love is not enough. Love without commitment is just an attraction. Love without loyalty is just untested friendship. A marriage will fail when it’s tested if the couple only has love. If they are not committed to one another … if they are not willing to sacrifice at times the right to be right and yield to other and be loyal … that marriage will not last. Period. Same is true with churches and pastors. I laugh when a new pastor takes on a church where maybe the people feel hurt or disillusioned. It’s very easy to say, “I will just love them and everything will be fine.” First, it’s an insinuation that the previous pastor did not love those people. Second, love -like people- can be fickle.

The same people who shouted HOSANNA – HOSANNA – HOSANNA when Christ entered Jerusalem were screaming less than a week later CRUCIFY HIM – CRUCIFY HIM – CRUCIFY HIM.

Maybe the people do feel hurt, betrayed, or unloved by the previous. Maybe he was wrong. But maybe it was both. Maybe they in turn wore him down and out with murmuring, complaining, and repetitive issues he simply grew tired in dealing with.

The novice pastor who says, “I will just love them” is setting himself up for a huge fall. Do they love him? Oh, they may like what the new guys DOES for them. They may like how he spoils them and boosts their egos but what about when the newness wears off and the new guy has to deal with an old issue. How long before they turn on him? How long before they accuse him of being unloving?

If they aren’t committed and loyal … the new guy can love on them all he wants but at some point it won’t be enough. Love may cover a multitude of sins but real love deals with problems and seeks to correct. Otherwise, it’s not love. It’s appeasement and denial.

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