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I will be spending this entire week on the DRIVE @ 5 doing one thing: ENCOURAGING CONSERVATIVES TO BE CONSERVATIVE!

I am sick and tired of the only wing of the GOP -the conservatives- who actually score runs and make gains for the party being pushed aside by party elites and moderates being shoved at us as our only way to win an election. WAKE UP. Did Dewey beat Truman? NO. Did Ford beat Carter? NO. Did Dole or McCain win? NO and NO.

Reagan the Conservative won two land slide elections. When George Bush Sr. ran as a conservative he won. When he became a tax raising moderate he lost. When George W ran as a conservative Wartime President … he won handily. When he ran as a “compassionate” conservative he nearly lost to Al Gore.

STOP listening to Karl Rove, GOP insiders, and even sell outs like Rubio and Ryan. ROMENY IS NOT A CONSERVATIVE AND SHOULD NOT BE OUR NOMINEE!

In case you missed it … listen to this edition of the DRIVE @ 5 … STOP THE SELL OUT!

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