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And then there was one. Despite the conservative commentary, the alleged core convictions, and the campaigning for the Constitutional process … at the end of the day the elite’s win and the conservatives cave. Once again proving we don’t have the stomach to finish what we started.

Get readyAmerica… here comes Romney: GOP Nominee.

Does it matter Romney differs little with Obama on issues like taxes and regulations. Apparently not.  Marco Rubio, the Junior Republican Senator from Florida and darling of the Tea Party, has gone on the record on Hannity as saying, “Romney presents a clear contrast to Obama.” WHAT? That statement is almost as asinine as Ann “spray tan” Coulter stating that Romney was our most conservative candidate when Cain and Perry were still in.

Jeb Bush has endorsed Romney. George Bush Sr. has endorsed Romney. This week W is scheduled to endorse him. And don’t forget he got the endorsement of Governor Krispy Kreme Christie from New Jersey as well as The Donald. Once again we get a Karl Rove middle of the roader. Pundits like Dick Morris, one time supporter of Herman Cain, supports Romney as well as Political Satirist Dennis Miller. Miller’s reason: Obama isn’t that bright and Romney shouldn’t have any trouble beating him. I’m not kidding. That’s his reason!

Rubio thinks that a brokered convention, a brawl as he calls it, would hurt the party and guarantee an Obama victory. No doubt that’s the reasoning presented to him by inside the Washington belt way elites to get Rubby support. Even worse … Marco also thinks Romney will govern as a Conservative.


 I realize it’s difficult since he flip flops as much as he does. Former PA Senator and turn coat from Republican to Democrat Arlen Spector said this week on Newsmax TV that Romney has “changed his positions more times than a porn star.” Spector lost re-election after his vote was the deciding vote to push Obamacare over the top and into law. He stated that Romneycare was THE model for the mandate issue (requiring people to buy insurance). If the Supreme Court overturns it … it is a BIGGER slap to Romney than Obama. Obama copied. Romney originated!

Romney’s own communications director, fearing his candidate will be seen as “too” conservative and too far to the right,  said last week that like an Etch-A-Sketch they will erase and reset their message from conservative to moderate for the general election once the primaries are over. WOW!

 On CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) Rick Santorum stated he would consider a VP position in a Romney Administration. WHAT?

How do you lecture us on the virtues of true conservatism and pound the political pulpit for months and months over Romney’s inconsistent positions and Romneycare mess and then turn around and say, “Yup, I serve with him and promote his agenda.”

As Israel coward before Goliath and the Philistines … one young man named David asked, “Is there not a cause?”  He was asking if there was a cause worth fighting for to the bitter end….

He stood in the gap, took a stand, and defeated the enemy. It was not easy. In fact, it was deadly. Deadly serious…

David turned down using the King’s armor to fight Goliath. He did it with courage, conviction, and a sling shot. I guess no one told him he needed charisma, charm, and connections to finance the fight and then return favors once victorious.

Are we really that afraid to take a stand and fight the fight? Newt stated following loss inIowaafter the Romney Superpac destroyed his lead and Presidential run … “Before we can have a debate with Obama … we have to have a debate within the Republican party as to what we are and stand for.”

Or do we not really believe what we spew 24/7 on Fox news and conservative talk radio?

 What do we stand for if we nominate yet another moderate and conservative dupes promote it?

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