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Over the weekend Rick Santorum asserted on ABC’s THIS WEEK that running against Romney in the Primaries is like running against Obama in the general election because both men share the same views on the key issues.

While I agree that Romney is a weak candidate against Obama because we automatically lose the health care issue since Obamacare IS Romneycare … Obama does what he does because of his ideology. He actually believes in the socialism he espouses. In fact, Obama is willing to sink or swim based on his world view without modifying to appease voters. It’s commendable and dangerous.

Romney is more like Bill Clinton. While Clinton may have some of the same “views” as Obama … he is much more pragmatic and willing to bend to the will of the people (voter). Clinton governed as a moderate to conservative because newt Gingrich as Speaker of the House forced him, through the support of the people, to balance the budget and cut welfare. Obama would have dug his heels in and fought even if he knew he was going to lose. Romney will ONLY govern as a conservative IF he is forced to. Romney talks like a conservative now because he is pragmatic enough to know what he must say duing the Primaries. If elected … he will be a flaming moderate.

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