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Romney had pulled even. Paul needed to stay relevant. Newt needed a win. Santorum ceded but ended up winning.

Aaaah, politics!

What the elite usually refer to as fly over country, hicks, and rednecks became very important on Tuesday night as the GOP Southern Race in Mississippi and Alabama became extremely important.

Ron Paul has done so poorly he really is irrelevant now. His campaign is now about trying to keep his views before Republican voters rather than any real validity. Newt Gingrich needed a win. Not a tie. Not a ‘good enough’ effort. He needed a win. He did not get one. Mitt Romney added to his delegate count but remains a weak front runner. He knows despite having a lead which is more than double that of Rick Santorum, the conservative base doesn’t want him and he has not pulled any upsets to truly take command of the race. Rick Santorum did not expect to win either state but ended up winning both. Why?

He had been challenging voters to unite their vote around one conservative candidate. Despite a slightly more than one third advantage it appears there is a pull away from Newt to Rick. Why?

Together they split the conservative vote and allow Mitt to run the board. Newt doesn’t like Romney. It’s obvious. He continues to contend that Romney’s people and the party elite have wanted him out of the race since June. Okay but it’s Santorum’s camp calling for him to get out. Newt may think staying in allows him to beat down Romney but it is actually doing the opposite. He’s helping to bolster his lead.

As I said on my radio show… as a coach I know it’s not enough just to score. You have to have a defensive stop. You must keep the other team from scoring. While Santorum and Newt have scored wins … so has Mitt and that allows his score to stay ahead of theirs. If Santorum had Newt’s delegates … different game!

In school it was easy for boys, who were usually out numbered, to elect males to class offices. How? Nominate more than one girl and split their vote. Rally all the guys around one guy and poof: WIN. Romney loves having Newt and Rick split the conservative vote.

Polls are now clear… If Santorum steps out down much of his support goes to Romney. But if Newt steps down most of his supporters go to Santorum. Newt’s supporters don’t like Romney anymore than their guy does. Santorum supporters, which include conservative Democrats, would favor Romney as the winner over Newt.

I’m a Newt guy. But facts are facts. Newt, you lost. Admit it. You’re like a man in denial. Please step down … let Rick run with it. Help him knock Romney out. I’m one of those 175,000 financial supporters. I appreciate you, your record, and what you accomplished. But it’s obvious people are leaning elsewhere and Santorum is a decent man. It’s time.

And, Newt, you understand the timing of politics better than anyone.

No, don’t step down because of the party elite, Karl Rove, or media pressure. Step down so the conservative ideals you stand for can step up and take out the moderate influence. Please.

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