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Hope and Game Change – Tom Hanks Rewrites History for Obama

Tom Hanks once starred in a movie where he portrayed an intellectually challenged but innocently brilliant man named Forest Gump. “Stupid is as stupid does” was the pop culture iconic line from the movie. Well, after watching the Tom Hanks production of the HBO conservative hit piece entitled Game Change I can now say, “Liberal is as Hank does.”

The nonfactual drama is at best a poorly acted, liberal hyperbole exaggeration of conservatism and at worst a left-wing project designed to make one of their most hated and feared political enemies toxic. They used people with an axe to grind to legitimize the story they want viewers to believe and help push their agenda. They had zero with problem lying.

The grotesque character assassinations where Republicans are portrayed in a bad light — everyone minus Steve Schmidt (Woody Harrelson), Nicolle Wallace (Sarah Paulson), Mark Wallace (Ron Livingston), and Chris Edwards (Larry Sullivan) was false, inflammatory, and pathetic. Hanks, you must be proud. One character refers to former Vice President Dick Cheney as “Darth Vader,” while the McCain/Palin rallies depict unhinged men yelling “terrorist” and “he’s a Muslim” at the mention of Obama’s name. Then, there was the the quote they placed toward the end of the movie which had Sen. John McCain (Ed Harris) warning Palin not to get “co-opted by Limbaugh and the other extremists.” None of these instances were balanced and were clearly told from a left-wing point of view.

Virtually every characteristic attributed to Palin is false. They portray her as stupid and mentally unstable. Whether the producers realize it or not they have also portrayed the people of Alaska who voted for her in the same light. The movie also depicts her as egotistical and self absorbed. An egotistical person wouldn’t put her state’s well-being before her own political career. An ungracious person wouldn’t spend her time making long phone calls to supporters, giving them shout-outs at rallies, or spending countless time shaking their hands on rope-lines. It also appears as though Alec Baldwin didn’t get the lefty memo. In October of 2008, after meeting her on the set on SNL, Baldwin describes Palin as “polite” and “gracious.”

We are also to believe that Palin as highly forgetful and required elementary school flash cards, maps, and third grade history lessons to get her up to speed.. In reality her adversaries have said the opposite of Governor Palin. In 2008, former editor in chief of Ms. magazine, Elaine Lafferty wrote:

“I’d heard rumors around the campaign of her photographic memory and, frankly, I watched it in action. She sees. She processes. She questions, and only then, she acts.”

Lafferty also said Sarah was “smart” and “more than a quick study.” Dumb, mentally unstable people prone to falling into catatonic stupors don’t generally work their way up to governor. The Palin character is absolute fiction. She is nothing more than a left-wing day dream of who they wish Palin was.

The movie suggests Sarah Palin wanted to flee Alaska when whispering into Schmidt’s ear: I so don’t want to go back to Alaska.

Never mind Julie Anne Moore’s horrendous acting and wretched impersonation of Palin (Tina Fey was better in SNL skits); the statement is asinine. If Palin “so” wanted to get out of Alaska, why does she still live there? And how exactly do you explain “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” ?

The movie clearly tried to suggest that McCain’s team picked Palin because she was a woman. The real Schmidt admits this never happened. The Chicago Tribune reports Schmidt said he never heard McCain speak those words.

Harrelson as Schmidt tells the governor to stop lying. Hmmmm, good advice for the film’s writers and producers. He tells her to stop saying she was cleared of all wrong doing in Trooper when she wasn’t. I hate to cloud the issue with facts ….BUT yes, she was cleared of all wrong doing. Sorry, HBO and Forest Hanks.

A report has cleared Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin of ethics violations in the firing of her public safety commissioner. Released Monday, the report says there is no probable cause to believe Palin or any other state official violated the Alaska Executive Ethics Act in connection with the firing. The report was prepared by Timothy Petumenos, an independent counsel for the Alaska Personnel Board”  Associated Press Release – October 2008

Thomas Van Flein, Palin’s attorney throughout both “Troopergate” investigations was never contacted by HBO regarding their side. A statement released by Hollis French, an Alaska Democrat who was also involved in the Branchflower report. French had said openly that due to their actions, the McCain campaign now had “to deal with an October surprise.” Democrats who were active with Obama’s campaign hijacked the process, ignored the law and released a report that fit their agenda. An independent board that was actually authorized by the court to investigate the matter corrected the record. That doesn’t stop HBO or Hanks from misleading their viewers.

A constant theme pushed throughout Game Change is the idea that Palin was not properly vetted. Arthur “A.B.” Culvahouse, the man who vetted Sarah for McCain, discredits HBO‘s assertion. The Chicago Tribune interviewed Culvahouse in 2009.

Culvahouse, a former counsel to then-Sen. Howard Baker in the 1970s, had delivered Baker’s paperwork when he was being considered for Gerald Ford’s vice president – there were 19 questions asked.

“The questionnaire I sent out for John McCain had 74.”

They asked her if she is prepared to use nuclear weapons in the defense of the American homeland, he said, and they asked her if, say Osama bin Laden should be spotted, but taking him out would result in many other casualties, would she take the shot? “She knocked those three questions out of the park,” he said.

Those were obviously policy questions, and Palin was obviously vetted.

Completely ignored by the filmmakers was how some of Sarah’s own policies became McCain’s and McCain talking points: Drill-Baby-Drill

Members of McCain’s team are presented as poised, rational Republicans who like Obama but simply think he lacks experience and accomplishments to be the President. In fact, they not only openly mock Palin but VP Cheney as well calling him Darth Vader. They also state Obama was a Constitutional Law Professor with impressive intellect. He was not a Constitutional Law Professor.

As the film leads us through election night and the impending loss, we see Schmidt apologize to McCain for “suggesting her.” The movie attempts to drive the message home that the primary reason McCain lost was because Palin was on the ticket.

Again, the facts and this movie are strangers.

After the selection of Palin for the VP slot, McCain took the lead in national polls. It wasn’t until the economic collapse that the trend started to move the other way. The trend stayed in Obama’s favor due to the manner in which the McCain campaign handled that crisis. The decisions the campaign made did not inspire confidence in the American people, and they were not decisions made by Palin.

McCain admits he refused to allow his campaign to go after Obama something Palin wanted to do. The vetting problem was that of Obama. The media was in the tank for their messiah, the Democrats circled the wagons around their guy, and even Hillary got in step in promise of an appointment. Sooo, McCain needed to vet Obama for his radical associations, socialist world view, and his anti-American/anti-Israel positions. McCain not only refused but he was, at times, passive and lethargic on Obama’s past. Sad. What a man thinks determines what he will do. Shame on McCain for not understanding what he was silently unleashing on Americans. And to think, he has endorsed Romney.

The movie spend quite a bit of time depicting Sarah’s near “mental breakdown” getting ready for her debate with Biden. They even showed her mimicking his stretching before going on camera as if she was a monkey see – monkey do clown. In reality… she rocked that debate. America loved it and her. And that was not because Schmidt gave her a script because she was an actress. She owned Biden because she’s tough, smart, and a threat to liberals. McCain looked bad in his debate performances as Obama mopped the floor with him. Funny, the movie left that out. The movie mentions as part of Sarah’s “ego” that she outdrew McCain. True. She was the reason …the ONLY reason… most people and especially CONSERVATIVES voted for McLame!

This movie was not about the truth or facts or accurately taking us behind the scenes of a political campaign. It was three-fold:

1. If Sarah Palin had been running for President this movie was made and released now in a vain attempt to discredit her character, intelligence, and ability to be the President. Sarah would be in the Primaries right now.

2. Cover for Schmidt and the Wallaces and their failed strategies in getting McCain elected. It had nothing to do with Sarah. The biggest problem was McCain. Conservatives didn’t want him. The Party elite did … just like Romney. Because moderates like McCain ran his campaign he failed. If Sarah had been unleashed with a real conservative message and policies …. different outcome. In fact, if the campaign had dumped him and made her the nominee … Palin landslide!

3. Tom Hanks and HBO are now an Obama Superpac. This was a two hour remind the nation of why conservatives are dangerous and Barack is the messiah.

Game Change is nothing more than a piece of liberal crap. Period.

Enough said. I’ve already wasted way too much space in my blog to their propaganda.












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