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Sandra Fluke, law student,  appeared before Congress to make the case as to why a Catholic institution like Georgetown University should provide and pay for contraceptives within the health care packages they offer students (maybe it has something to do with their belief in no sex outside of marriage and that contraception is a form of pre-abortion and only God determines when life comes). She states the $3,000 a year cost is staggering and she as well as other students cannot afford it. Really? Fluke attends a $50K + a year university but cannot afford a $4.99 box of latex condoms? Seriously, and at the risk of being called crude and crass (get over it), Rush was right and should have NEVER apologized. $3,000 a year means there is a LOT of contracepting going on!

The liberal media and liberal pundits and liberals in general went insane over Rush calling her a s _ _ _ _ and a w _ _ _ _. President Obama called her and expressed his sympathy over how Rush treated her. Did he ever call the family of Brian Terry? You know … Brian Terry … the US Border Agent who was shot in the back and killed by a Mexican drug smuggler with an AK47 provided to him by the ATF illegal sale of guns to smugglers in the Fast and Furious scandal of the Obama Whitehouse under the direction of Eric Holder? It’s been a year and NO ONE has been arrested or held accountable for Brian’s death. No phone call from the President to a grieving family whose son was slain protecting our border. Protecting us. Nope. But a law student who petitions Congress to force religious institutions finance her immorality is called a slut by a radio talk show host and Obama picks up the bat phone and calls her. WOW!

Let’s be very, very, VERY clear. Sandra Fluke is no fluke. She is not some young innocent coed who was brought before Congress to state her case in favor of contraception. Sandra is a thirty year old liberal activist feminist who enrolled at Georgetown for the specific reason to PROTEST and PROSECUTE their contraceptive/anti-abortion policies because of their religious beliefs. It’s not about women’s rights. It’s about an administration (Obama) trampling the first ammendment rights of the practice of religion. It’s about the liberals creating and fabricating an issue (conservative’s want to prohibit women’s rights) for the President to run since he cannot defend his actual record!

Now, did Rush allow this to get bigger play on the 24 hour news channels (one week as opposed to one day) because of his comments, weekend apology, Fluke’s refusal to accept it, and Rush still apologizing and explaining why he is and is not losing sponsors over it? Yes. Not because he said it. No. No. No.  He should have gone on the air the day after all the melt downs and simply said, “I said it. I stand by it. That’s it. Next item of business on the show today…”

Unlike weaklings like John McCain and other fake conservatives who chastised Rush for saying it … I applaud it. First, it’s TRUE! Second, the Left NEVER apologies for their vile comments directed at conservative females like Palin and Bachman. Bill Maher called Palin the “C” word on his HBO show Real Time. Nada. Nothing was said to reprimand Maher or insist he offer an apology. No one demanded HBO remove him. Today, he donated one million -that’s million- one million dollars to an Obama Superpac. Rush calls Fluke a slut for consuming $3,000 a year in contraceptives and demanding the Catholic church pay for it and all hell breaks loose. Literally. Hey McCain … defend your former VP running mate. Night after night she is called every vile, filthy name under the sun by liberal comics and commentators and not a word from the Arizona Senator who helped Romney win the state. SAYS ALOT!

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