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March 29, 2012

And then there was one. Despite the conservative commentary, the alleged core convictions, and the campaigning for the Constitutional process … at the end of the day the elite’s win and the conservatives cave. Once again proving we don’t have the stomach to finish what we started. Get readyAmerica… here comes Romney: GOP Nominee. Does […]


March 20, 2012

Over the weekend Rick Santorum asserted on ABC’s THIS WEEK that running against Romney in the Primaries is like running against Obama in the general election because both men share the same views on the key issues. While I agree that Romney is a weak candidate against Obama because we automatically lose the health care […]


March 14, 2012

Romney had pulled even. Paul needed to stay relevant. Newt needed a win. Santorum ceded but ended up winning. Aaaah, politics! What the elite usually refer to as fly over country, hicks, and rednecks became very important on Tuesday night as the GOP Southern Race in Mississippi and Alabama became extremely important. Ron Paul has […]

Hope and Game Change – Tom Hanks Rewrites History for Obama

March 11, 2012

Tom Hanks once starred in a movie where he portrayed an intellectually challenged but innocently brilliant man named Forest Gump. “Stupid is as stupid does” was the pop culture iconic line from the movie. Well, after watching the Tom Hanks production of the HBO conservative hit piece entitled Game Change I can now say, “Liberal […]


March 8, 2012

Sandra Fluke, law student,  appeared before Congress to make the case as to why a Catholic institution like Georgetown University should provide and pay for contraceptives within the health care packages they offer students (maybe it has something to do with their belief in no sex outside of marriage and that contraception is a form of pre-abortion […]

Feeling Sentimental

March 1, 2012

Tonight I find myself in a hotel room on the eve of coaching my varsity boys basketball team in the first round of games enroute to a state title. For over twenty years I have coached high school basketball. It has been an exciting journey which has included many titles and trophies including one undefeated […]