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Ron Paul may have a medical doctorate, but he is NOT an expert on the Constitution or American history.

Soooo, the guy we’re told is an expert on the Constitution proves he doesn’t know jack. This upsets me. Why? He gets history wrong. He gets the Constitution wrong.

First, where does the Constitution allow the President or the Federal Government to purchase slaves? NOWHERE!

Second, How does providing a buyer (Government) for the product (slaves) cause slavery to end? It’s a BIG government solution.

Third, the Civil War was not initially fought end slavery. That became a by-product and a result. President Lincoln was moving Congress to prepare a Constitutional ammendment to end slavery. This caused Southern states to revolt, bolt, and begin hostilities by attacking a Federal Fort. That is an ACT OF WAR! Lincoln called for volunteers and went to Congress for a Declaration of War. It was granted. EVERYTHING Lincoln did was within the confines of the Constitution. What Ron Paul proposed is NOT!

The Civil War was about restoring the Union. Slavery was not made illegal until two years into the War.

So Paul’s whole assertion that this so called “senseless” war to end slavery was unnecessary is a moot point. He’s factually wrong on why we fought it. He’s practically wrong on the incredible benefits it produced. A race of people were FREED!

Finally, how many lives were SAVED as having fought that war? Ron Paul doesn’t want to discuss that. At the end of the day … Paul is not worthy to carry Lincoln’s hat. How dare he criticize the man credited with saving this nation and keeping intact. How dare this little runt with creeper eyes lampoon one of the greatest President’s in history. How dare he!

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