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Movie audiences were awed by the technicolor epic GONE WITH THE WIND. It’s blazing color, brilliant musical score, bigger than life cast, and bold story with  memorable script lines set box office records in Depression beaten down America. The nearly 4 hour saga had an intermission break just as Scarlett arrives back home to Tara. There she finds her mother dead, her father has gone senile, and everyone from Mammy to Melonie is looking to her for answers of how they are going to eat and survive. Against a backdrop of subtle, sepia sunrise bursting into new day brilliance on screen the former young belle who was used to lavish lifestyle of servants and sibblings doing her bidding drops to her knees and digs into the dirt to pull and eat a raw radish. After spitting it out she stands to her feet and declares before God she will never be hungry again.

This was more than a movie character in the Civili War era stating they would not be beaten down by circumstances or the Union army. This was a rallying cry to a Depression era movie audience to not give up, to not quit, to pull something from inside themselves in order to find the strength to get up and move forward. Audiences loved it and responded with thunderous applause and cheers.

I believe Clint Eastwood was attempting the same thing in the now infamous half time ad during the Patriots vs Giant Superbowl of 2012.

Using Detroit and the auto industry as his backdrop Clint’s gravely voice locker room pep talk was designed to be the Scarlett O’Hara “I’ll never be hungry” speech for a new generation. Instead, Rush Limbaugh and Karl Rove along with other pundits interpreted the scene as Eastwood’s endorsement of Obama taking over the auto industry and thus endorsing Obama’s stimulas/socialism style of governing as the key to America’s comeback. As much as I respect their points of view on most issues … I believe Rush and the experts got it wrong. I think Clint was simply trying to get American’s to suck it up, tough’n up, and get moving.

Challenging America to pull together was not a call to socialism. It IS what we do when times are tough. Neighbor loking out for neighbor. People helping people. Not because Obama says so but because it’s right to do!

I must admit … this is the ad I would have liked Eastwood to have done…

But for me … at the end of the day I appreciate Mr. Eastwood trying to lift the spirit’s of hurting Americans in his half time ad. Kudos to Clint and God Bless America!

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