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Chicken McRomney

He comes without barbecue or buffalo sauce but not without bull! He’s Chicken McRomney!

Mitt Romney whined on HANNITY on 2/16/12 that he is a “real” conservative. That his record can stand the test. He insinuated that Gingrich and Santorum have tarnished records as conservatives but he is a pure, true conservative.

He raided corporations by loading them with debt after borrowing against their credit limit but personally pocketing the money while allowing the corporation to default and the employees left without jobs. That’s not capitalism. That’s criminal!

As a “conservative” governor he introduced the model which became Obamacare. He was pro-abortion, anti-gun rights, and a liberal’s best friend.

The truth is his record CANNOT withstand scrutiny which is why he chickened out of the March 1st CNN Debate from Georgia. Funny, he doesn’t want to debate in Gingrich’s home state … doesn’t want to answer for his vicious, nasty campaign tactics … can’t face the American people or those whom he has maligned by answering straight questions about his record. He’s a fraud. He’s a counterfeit. He is NOT a conservative.

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