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In 2008 John McCain’s lack luster run for the White House had one bright spot … Sarah Palin.

She hit America like an Alaskan avalanche. Liberals and mainstream media spinners went into instant shock and then attack mode. Why? She resinated with people. She was a true conservative that drew sharp contrasts between moderate McCain and liberal Obama. Sarah was the ONLY reason conservatives voted for McCain.

I was extremely disappointed to hear her over the weekend tamper down her remarks about Romney on the Fox News circuit. Sadly, Sarah has begun to pale and morph into the accepted GOP careful conservative who speaks red meat to the tea party but blunts her former convictions when pressed for general consumption. She called Romney a great candidate who is still evolving as a conservative. PUKE!

Translation: He’s going to be the nominee and she still wants to have a spot at the GOP table.

The sell out begins. Sad.

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